Thursday, July 21, 2016


It's been a weird summer. I didn't mean to stop blogging but I just kinda did. Terry has been TDY for 5 weeks so most of the summer, I've been by myself so I haven't had a lot of extra time. 

Once a week or so I have been trying to do something special with just Madeline. She has taken the separation from Terry so hard. We started a count down and she tells me every morning how much time we have left! She is a Daddy's girl for sure. 

We spent the 4th on the water and it was SO pretty. We are so thankful for this country and our freedom. 

My babies and me on the boat. 

Boat days are hard when you're 5. Sometimes you gotta nap it out. 

This sweet guy looks SO miserable in a life jacket but it doesn't seem to bother him. He loves the water and also sticking his tongue out! 

The new puppy likes the boat too. Madeline named her Peggy and everybody who meets her laughs hysterically when we tell them her name. 

Sweet babies! 

Madeline wanted a picture of herself in my sunglasses...she is all legs. 

She also had a first one day a couple of weekends ago. We swam early in the day, then we worked in the yard and when we came in she asked to take a nap and put herself to bed. I am still recovering from the shock. 

She's also been trying to teach Ethan to play games. He does his best. :) 

Evie and Madeline are so close - they act like sisters. They fight, they play, they switch clothes. They are a mess and are always together. 

I have been trying to make a habit of snapping pictures before church on Sunday mornings. Some weeks its the only time the kids aren't in play clothes or bathing suits. I am obsessed with Kelly's Kids...I love a coordinating outfit. 

And more of sweet Peggy. She has that flower in her mouth. I think I forgot how much work a puppy is but I also forgot how stinking cute and funny they are. She is so sweet and SO smart. 

That just about sums up this month so far...we are soaking up summer and trying to beat the heat!