Thursday, April 21, 2016

Weekend Update

We had a great weekend...I made these pie homemade and I thought they were the cutest things ever. I made raspberry though and they were a little tart...lesson learned more sugar is better! 

Saturday my friend Amy and I went shopping early and had lunch without kids! It was the best! Then we all met back at her house for homemade pizza. It was amazing!!!

A baby in a box...courtesy of Terry. I had to snap a picture before I rescued him. 

This was the story of the night -- spit up! He doesn't seem to mind but gosh its all the time! 

Madeline spent the night with Evie and went to their church Sunday morning. How cute are these girls? So sweet! 

My other friend from high school also goes to church there and these girls are all buddies. SO cute! 

Sunday we got a lot done around our house early and then it was party time for Polly! This guy was in a great mood and looking so cute in his bathing suit! 

Phoebe ready to party! haha #mydogshateme

We grilled and swam ALL afternoon. It was perfect! There was frisbee, volleyball, and some tree climbing too. The kind of day that makes you love Sundays! 

There was also music...and Evie LOVES to dance! 

My sweet boy

Best buds! 

Friends that are like family! 

An Ethan sandwich...Madeline is trying to "make him smile" haha

Have you ever seen anything cuter than this boy in his baseball hat? 

Amy got a puppy last week so we took a selfie with our babies! How cute is that pup???

I made Polly a birthday cake...we scraped off the chocolate frosting for her so she could eat it. I made yellow cake with coca cola chocolate was SO good! 

Happy Birthday, Polly!! 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Months 4 & 5

My Sweet Boy, 

You are 5 months old!!! How is that even possible? You are growing so fast, and you just seem to get sweeter with time! 

You were 15lbs 10 oz at the doctor at your 4 month appointment. I think they said you were 24 inches long but I think you're a little longer than that. You wear a size 3 diaper now and size 6 month clothes. 

You did a lot in your 4th and 5th month...we went to the beach, a hockey game, to Texas, and you got to meet your Aunt Nat and Aunt Cara! It was a good two months! 

You still sleep in your bed in your room...eventually we'll move you to your crib once you really can roll back and forth good. For now though, you get buckled in, turn over, and suck your thumb till you fall asleep. This is the look I get EVERY night when I lay your never cry at bedtime. I seriously pinch myself every night. You are a dream baby! 

You celebrated your first Easter and looked fabulous! I mean...I can't stand the cuteness! 

New These Months: 
*You suck your thumb pretty consistently when you're tired
*You love your exersaucer 
*You're rolling from back to belly to back yet though
*You play with toys with your hands 
*You put EVERYTHING in your mouth
*You learned how to spit and blow spit bubbles
*You hold your bottle - not the whole feeding but a lot of it is all you now :( 

You are SO happy basically all the time. Your laugh is my favorite! 

You eat between 6-7 oz every 4 hours while you're awake and have cereal at night. This picture shows how well baby food has gone over with you. You hate it...I am thinking I am going to have to resort to something sweeter to get you to eat it but for now we just took a break from all of it. 

Bath time is still one of you favorites. You kick your legs and you pee in the water every.single.time. 

Outside is where you want to love to be outside. 

I could never put into words what a blessing you have been to our family. It's like you've been here all along. You are the sweetest, happiest boy, and I could eat you up. I love you SO much! Please slow down a little :) xoxoxo


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Texas Forever

The Thursday before Easter I took both kids to Texas...why I didn't fly I will never know. I honestly didn't even think about it. But the road trip wasn't too bad. 

My travel buddy...she is the best traveler. For real...she never asks to stop and she will watch movies or play on her kindle the whole way. She is so fun to travel with...guess she's making up for when she was a baby and we could never go anywhere bc she was so high maintenance! :) Ethan did pretty good good as a 4 month old can do in a car that many hours. 

We finally got to Stephanie's house around was a loooonnnggg day! But right when we got there, I got to meet these puppies...they were SO cute!!

Madeline brought her makeup with her and couldn't wait to put some on Huggy...she looked so pretty when Madeline was done! 

We headed out the next day for San Angelo...I was dying to go to Magnolia Market so we made a pit stop in was SO fun! 

We also stopped at in and out burger for lunch...I have never been to one and it was cute. The kids loved it! 

We made it to San Angelo around 6:30 that evening and the first stop we made was through our old hood. While I don't exactly miss this house, I do have some sweet, sweet memories there. Madeline got mad because we couldn't go inside. haha

We ate dinner at Zero One...they have the best chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries!! Ethan had his first blowout while Jaylei was feeding him. It was hilarious! I took pictures before I rescued her! 

Then we met up with some friends for ice cream at Stango's. I love that place so much!!

Reunited and it feels so good! These two are so stinking cute together...although I'm not sure we'd survive them growing up in the same town. #wildgirls #bffs 

Madeline spent the night with Lexi and had so much fun! 

The next day we met up with my sweet friends from Community Medical Center...Sasha was my preceptor in nursing school and gave birth to TRIPLETs in October. She is the best momma and I was so glad I got to meet her sweet babies! 

Morgan has come to see us in Florida and has been such a good friend to me even since we moved away! 

Saturday night we went to Brianne's for dinner and to hang out. It was like I was home. I miss our friends SO much!! 

Jaylei curled Madeline's hair for the occasion and she looked so sweet! 

Ethan got to meet sweet Hadlee who is a week older than he is and she is SO stinking cute! They were so funny checking each other out. We never did get both of them to look at the same time. 

They were so funny!

Sunday morning we went to church at our old was so sweet to get to spend Easter Sunday there. They had an egg hunt after church. 

Sweet girls...

My babies and me :) 

I am learning that either one or both kids are either not looking or not smiling in basically every picture...

My sweet sweet Texas friends...

We ate a quick lunch at Rosa's  and hit the road back to Steph's house. It was a quick trip but we packed in everything we wanted to do...we even hit up a birthday party, a target trip for Easter goodies, and a trip to HEB for Julios and guacamole. It was the best! 

You know I had to hit up Stripes before we left...

We had to stop and take a few pictures in the blue bonnets on the way home...the pictures just don't do them justice. They are gorgeous and Madeline absolutely loved it! 


We finally made to Stephanie's around 9pm and I hurried and packed my car and tried to get a little sleep. We got up early the next day and headed home. I was so sad to leave but you know, there's no place like home, especially with a baby! :) It was the BEST trip!!!