Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It took a little, ahem, persuasion but we got our assignment today!! Terry's supervisor made a phone call and all of the sudden things happened! We got FLORIDA!!!! Y'all I am so excited. We will move late this year ( probably November) Nothing is ever 100% sure with the military, but it is on paper now. I am going to miss Texas, and I will really miss our church. I don't think we'll ever find another church like the one we have now. I am so grateful to be moving close to family and the beach!!!!
In other announcements, Madeline came home and told me I had a baby in my belly. To clarify that is NOT TRUE! One of the kid's moms in her class is pregnant and she has been talking about it all day today. She will tell you she has a baby in her belly too. Sometimes it's not a baby - it could be a monster, puppy, whatever is on her mind at the time. Just so my 3 year old doesn't start any rumors! haha

I Totally Rock...

This version isn't quite as good as Madeline's version with her keyboard. She shuts down when I get the camera out so my phone had to do. She is a singing fool these days! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

All Good Things Must Come to An End...

And so they did today when I picked Madeline up from daycare. The assistant director told me they had to get on to her today, which has never happened. She has never gotten in trouble except when she first started because she climbed on everything. But I feel like that doesn't count because she was pretty much a baby then. Anyway, she was hitting and scratching her classmates and laughing about it. Apparently she got in trouble, got up from time-out and started doing it again. Not just to one kid - to all of them. What the heck????

I talked to her teacher and we kind of think she thought it was a game, hence the laughing. But apparently the kids who were crying didn't think it was a very fun game. So I had a long talk about how to treat our friends. I am almost certain this stems from a super long wrestling match that occurred last night between her and Terry. Hopefully she will have a better day tomorrow!

Happy Monday!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Last weekend, Terry took Madeline to Target and came home with all the Mega Blocks they had in stock. I am serious. Terry's philosophy is build big or go home. We had one normal set and one little set already. They have been having the best time together with them.

Thankful for these two!!! 

*Still NOTHING on our assignment. Hopefully this week for sure. If it doesn't happen this week then we're in trouble. Terry's window for base of preference will be up. which means we'll be pooled with everyone else waiting to transfer and could end up anywhere. Not cool! So fingers crossed we'll know something in the next few days. My patience is gone!*

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chaos Makes Me Crazy...

My friend texted this to me a couple of months ago, and I am pretty sure that it describes me perfectly...

I am not a neat freak for sure, but when our house is a mess, it makes me a little crazy. Madeline's room has been a big source of crazy for me over the last year or so. Last year I moved her chest of drawers into her closet to keep her from pulling out all her clothes all the time. Well, she just switched from doing it with her clothes to doing that with her toys. Since she has barbies, little people, and a lot of dress up stuff I found myself picking up little toys EVERYWHERE. It has been driving me crazy. I want her to play independently but I also don't want a huge mess to clean up all the time. So I decided we needed some order. 

Room before...


 I put her chest of drawers back in her room and moved all her toys to her closet. This way, she can ask me for things to play with, and we can keep the mess a little more controlled. She also seems to play longer when she only has access to a few toys. I got rid of a lot of toys too which seems to help. I get sentimental about her toys but decided that I can't keep everything forever so I had to part with some of them! I decided if it can't all fit in her closet, then she has too many toys. Honestly, it's probably still too many, but its better than it was.

 I left her most of her books and kitchen food out for her so she can play with those anytime, but almost everything else is organized by category and put in her closet. She and Terry have been going crazy building with mega blocks and they're in the rubbermaid container. So far, I feel like this is working. I threatened her about getting into her clothes, and she hasn't so far. I think she's old enough now to know better. The lack of chaos has made me feel much more at peace in her room! I guess that's just parenthood, learning and adjusting as I go...

Her green book basket is a little sad...haha 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I have to take a moment to brag on Terry. He really has stepped up his game in the kitchen and cooks almost as much as I do. A few months ago, he started making fried chicken, and it might be the best fried chicken I've ever eaten. He made some yesterday for lunch and it was soooo good! 

 Madeline has started accessorizing her outfits. She has to have jewelry on at all times and her favorite thing to wear is earring. She pronounces them "A-rings"! 

The contractor came this weekend to give us an estimate on the repairs for the house. He spotted Gizmo on the couch and asked if he could take a picture. He went on and on about what a good looking dog Gizmo is. haha! I had to break it to him that I am pretty sure Gizmo's breed is discontinued because I have yet to see another shug (Shih-tzu-Pug mix) for sale anywhere. 

Repairs on our house won't start until the first or second week of February so looks like we won't be selling our house anytime soon. I kind of think it was God's way of taking it off my plate for now. Hopefully, sometime in March we can get it on the market. We're still waiting (very impatiently) on our next assignment.

Finally, on a completely unrelated note, my Dad is on his way to the Philippines (he is flying right now). He is going to be ministering to the people there this week with Trash Mountain Project. Please keep him in your prayers! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Last First Week

Well, I really thought this semester was going to be a slam dunk. I.Was.So.Wrong! 

I spent Monday and Tuesday hearing all about group projects that were due, not like  group power points, like group health fairs in Christoval. Yesterday was the day for my other 2 classes, residency and synthesis. In those delightful classes I found out I will basically have a comprehensive test every other week on everything I have learned so far. My clinicals are all day on Thursdays and Fridays IN BIG SPRING until Spring break. So that's awesome. And they're all mental health. Don't get me wrong, I know its important. But I am not looking forward to that many rotations of it. After spring break, I will start my real residency where I am assigned to a hospital and work whatever my preceptor works - hopefully, I will get San Angelo but it could be Fredericksburg or San Marcus. I am trying to be really positive. I mean this is it! But, it was a long week - the first week always is. 

Last night I was cleaning up the kitchen and gathering up laundry just about ready to put Madeline to bed and then go to bed. I came back in the kitchen and I heard, "Look at my hair, Mommy. It's sooo pretty!" 

It's one of those moments that stops your heart a little! hah Lotion - everywhere. I realize it could have been worse - it wasn't gum, she didn't cut her hair, but, still this kid was bathed, teeth brushed, story read, ready for bed. So back to the bathtub she went, and then to bed. I had to laugh...she was so proud of herself!

In other news, the contractor comes today to start on the repairs. I am praying it is quick and as painless as possible! I am kind of excited about getting new flooring!

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

What's In Your Fridge???

I came home the other night from work and found this in my fridge...

Madeline is so considerate and made sure the pups had food in the fridge too! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Long Days...

 I just finished reading this book, Sparkly Green Earrings, and it is all about motherhood. In the book the author talks about the days of raising a toddler being long but the years so short. I may have bawled because that statement is so true.  I can't believe how fast time is going, and how my baby has started turning into a little girl.

All of the sudden I feel like she is changing. She's becoming a little more outgoing and is cracking us up. ALL.THE.TIME. She sings at the top of her lungs. Her favorite song to sing right now is,"1, 2, 3, 4. I totally rock." haha She also listens to Disney on Pandora and has been alternating between the song from Tangled and Frozen. Sometimes we send her outside to practice singing so the neighbors can enjoy it too! ;) We went to see Frozen (again) on Sunday and she was such a big girl. She sat through the whole thing in her 3D glasses and would occasionally ask me questions or comment on the movie. I am just so thankful for her little life, and the way she constantly blesses me with funny moments. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hotel Livin'

Last Friday our fridge went out so Terry bought a new one. Well, Monday night we found a big puddle of water in the kitchen and then in our bedroom. It was coming out of the baseboards and under the floor in our room. So we panicked a little, shut off the water, called the plumber and filed an insurance claim. We have pretty much the highest deductible we could get so filing the insurance claim was a big deal. But we knew from the water that the floor was going to have to be replaced and the wall torn out to find out where the leak was coming from. Well, three plumbers later it was determined that Madeline had pulled the filter out of the bottom of the new fridge causing all the water that was supposed to go to the ice maker to go all over the floor. Water follows the path of least resistance so that's why it went under the wall into our room. 

Anyway, the insurance sent out a water mitigation team and they are drying everything and making all the repairs. They want us to keep our house at 85 degrees while everything is drying. That, in addition to all of the equipment and the fact that our kitchen is unusable, qualified us to stay in a hotel on the insurance. If you could feel how hot it is and hear how loud it is, you would leave too! haha Not to mention Madeline just wants to touch everything they have set up. So we're in a hotel for now and I am kinda going back and forth checking on things. And wouldn't you know our house was supposed to go on the market Monday. Haha! Not happening! But our kitchen is getting a new paint job and we get a new floor in our room. And we have our health! haha 

Our room - its kinda sideways

I was kind of shocked at how much damage water can do...it wasn't really even that much water.

Madeline has not been at all disappointed staying in the "castle". She talked on the phone quite a bit last night. We unplugged it to be on the safe side!

I finally had to tell her to get off the phone and go to bed. She said, "What, Mom? I'm just talking to Aunt Brooke!" Oh, man...we have our work cut out for us!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It was a heck of a celebration in this house last night. Terry's team won the national championship last night. It was an intense game. I was so nervous for him...almost as nervous as I get when Bama plays. Almost. I wanted them to win SO BAD! Not just for Terry but because I hate Auburn!!! I wanted vindication. I realize I just took it one step too far.

Anyway, it was such a fun game to watch and Terry screamed like a girl and jumped up and down repeatedly, hugging me when they won. It was literally the most excited I have ever seen him. Ever. It was awesome! 

You see...I knew a couple of months ago that FSU was more than likely at least going to the National Championship game so I ordered this autographed football for Terry for Christmas. My reasoning was that if Bama went and lost to them, then at least the football would be worth more than I paid for it! haha Bama never made it there but the football is worth WAY more than I paid for it! So I still won. haha!

If you didn't watch the interviews with Jameis Winston ( FSU's quarterback) after the game, I am sorry. You missed the funniest interviews ever. It's exactly how I would be on TV - making no sense and smiling ear to ear like a goober.   

It was happy, happy, happy around here last night!!! Way to go Noles!

Monday, January 6, 2014

It's A Party

We had Madeline's birthday party Saturday night. We had a small turn out but Madeline had so much fun! A lot of her friends were out of town or sick, but that's to be expected this time of year. Honestly, it made for a super relaxed party. Terry even got to watch football! 

Anyway, the theme was strawberry shortcake per Madeline's request. I'm not a big fan of "characters" but her party isn't about me, is it? Terry says it is for me, which is kinda true. haha I can't help myself. Anyway, here are the pictures from the party - actually they're from before the party because I never touched my camera after it started. Bad mom...

Food table - we had pizza, goldfish, grapes, strawberry shortcake skewers, and cupcakes.

Strawberry shortcake skewers - I made pound cake because I thought it would hold up better on a skewer. These were a huge pain but I think they looked cute!

Cupcakes...I ordered the fondant toppers from Etsy, and I thought they were adorable!

This was my favorite decoration of the whole party. Terry used our old gate to make this back drop for me. I love, love, love how it turned out. He even put grass on the bottom of it.

The Madeline mantle - I got a Cricut for Christmas and Terry and I used the heck out of it for this party. It was so fun!

The favor table

I made playdough and tied a cookie cutter to little Mason jars for the favors.

My sweet girl and me before her party started. She had so much fun!!! 

It dawned on me that this will be her last birthday party in this house and probably her last in San Angelo. We are so thankful for our sweet friends!

Thursday, January 2, 2014


 We spent Christmas at Terry's sister's house in Oklahoma. It was so fun and relaxed! We got there Monday night and had to make Santa some cookies. Of course, Terry thought he might like a "T" cookie! Sadly, it got broken. I made a gingerbread man that looked more like a ninja. Madeline made a star and put about 1.6 billion sprinkles on it.

 We opened presents on Christmas Eve morning. I have to admit, I don't remember a lot of it. I had been sick all weekend and late Monday night started coughing so hard I was vomiting and wheezing. Terry tried to get me to go to the ER but I knew I would be waiting forever since I wasn't hemorrhaging or having a heart attack. So I took some hard core meds around 2am and it knocked me out. Like until 2pm the next day. I managed to get up for opening presents but missed breakfast and lunch.

 Madeline's big gift was a bike and she has no clue how to ride it. I really thought it wouldn't be that different than her tricycle but I was so wrong! We've been working on it though. I hope by the Spring she will be a pro! We got her a bike and a couple of other toys and that was it. Terry's sister always goes crazy buying for Madeline so I knew she would have a million things to open, and she did. It is so fun being a parent at Christmas!

Gary, the kitten, had to get in on the action!

Notice the heels? And the 3 outfit changes in about 10 minutes? Story of our lives these days!

And I probably got the best gift...haha

On Christmas Day we went to Madeline's Uncle John's mom's house. Is that complicated? Anyway, his mom has chickens, guinea fowl, a turkey, horses, etc. Madeline had the time of her life. It was FREEZING but she played outside for forever. She chased the turkey for a long time and caught him once or twicebut got scared and backed off. It was so funny! 

 Speaking of turkey, John fried 3 turkeys and it was the best turkey I have ever eaten! Definitely gonna try frying it next year!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Birthday Day...

 Friday night Terry and I filled Madeline's room with balloons. It was a little bit of a waste because she ended up in our bed in the middle of the night. Oh well! I made pancakes for her and we surprised her with her "big" gift. I got this Jeep on sale on Cyber Monday and Madeline was SO excited about it. She's a terrible driver though, and it's definitely something we've got to help her learn. We went to lunch at Texas Roadhouse and then to Sam's where she picked out her cake. We had a small princess party which was for sure the highlight of her day. I loved celebrating her birthday with just the three of us. She kept saying all day, "It's my birthday!" in a sing-songy voice. It was so sweet!