Friday, January 17, 2014

Last First Week

Well, I really thought this semester was going to be a slam dunk. I.Was.So.Wrong! 

I spent Monday and Tuesday hearing all about group projects that were due, not like  group power points, like group health fairs in Christoval. Yesterday was the day for my other 2 classes, residency and synthesis. In those delightful classes I found out I will basically have a comprehensive test every other week on everything I have learned so far. My clinicals are all day on Thursdays and Fridays IN BIG SPRING until Spring break. So that's awesome. And they're all mental health. Don't get me wrong, I know its important. But I am not looking forward to that many rotations of it. After spring break, I will start my real residency where I am assigned to a hospital and work whatever my preceptor works - hopefully, I will get San Angelo but it could be Fredericksburg or San Marcus. I am trying to be really positive. I mean this is it! But, it was a long week - the first week always is. 

Last night I was cleaning up the kitchen and gathering up laundry just about ready to put Madeline to bed and then go to bed. I came back in the kitchen and I heard, "Look at my hair, Mommy. It's sooo pretty!" 

It's one of those moments that stops your heart a little! hah Lotion - everywhere. I realize it could have been worse - it wasn't gum, she didn't cut her hair, but, still this kid was bathed, teeth brushed, story read, ready for bed. So back to the bathtub she went, and then to bed. I had to laugh...she was so proud of herself!

In other news, the contractor comes today to start on the repairs. I am praying it is quick and as painless as possible! I am kind of excited about getting new flooring!

Happy Friday!!!

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