Monday, January 27, 2014

All Good Things Must Come to An End...

And so they did today when I picked Madeline up from daycare. The assistant director told me they had to get on to her today, which has never happened. She has never gotten in trouble except when she first started because she climbed on everything. But I feel like that doesn't count because she was pretty much a baby then. Anyway, she was hitting and scratching her classmates and laughing about it. Apparently she got in trouble, got up from time-out and started doing it again. Not just to one kid - to all of them. What the heck????

I talked to her teacher and we kind of think she thought it was a game, hence the laughing. But apparently the kids who were crying didn't think it was a very fun game. So I had a long talk about how to treat our friends. I am almost certain this stems from a super long wrestling match that occurred last night between her and Terry. Hopefully she will have a better day tomorrow!

Happy Monday!!!

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