Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It was a heck of a celebration in this house last night. Terry's team won the national championship last night. It was an intense game. I was so nervous for him...almost as nervous as I get when Bama plays. Almost. I wanted them to win SO BAD! Not just for Terry but because I hate Auburn!!! I wanted vindication. I realize I just took it one step too far.

Anyway, it was such a fun game to watch and Terry screamed like a girl and jumped up and down repeatedly, hugging me when they won. It was literally the most excited I have ever seen him. Ever. It was awesome! 

You see...I knew a couple of months ago that FSU was more than likely at least going to the National Championship game so I ordered this autographed football for Terry for Christmas. My reasoning was that if Bama went and lost to them, then at least the football would be worth more than I paid for it! haha Bama never made it there but the football is worth WAY more than I paid for it! So I still won. haha!

If you didn't watch the interviews with Jameis Winston ( FSU's quarterback) after the game, I am sorry. You missed the funniest interviews ever. It's exactly how I would be on TV - making no sense and smiling ear to ear like a goober.   

It was happy, happy, happy around here last night!!! Way to go Noles!

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