Monday, January 6, 2014

It's A Party

We had Madeline's birthday party Saturday night. We had a small turn out but Madeline had so much fun! A lot of her friends were out of town or sick, but that's to be expected this time of year. Honestly, it made for a super relaxed party. Terry even got to watch football! 

Anyway, the theme was strawberry shortcake per Madeline's request. I'm not a big fan of "characters" but her party isn't about me, is it? Terry says it is for me, which is kinda true. haha I can't help myself. Anyway, here are the pictures from the party - actually they're from before the party because I never touched my camera after it started. Bad mom...

Food table - we had pizza, goldfish, grapes, strawberry shortcake skewers, and cupcakes.

Strawberry shortcake skewers - I made pound cake because I thought it would hold up better on a skewer. These were a huge pain but I think they looked cute!

Cupcakes...I ordered the fondant toppers from Etsy, and I thought they were adorable!

This was my favorite decoration of the whole party. Terry used our old gate to make this back drop for me. I love, love, love how it turned out. He even put grass on the bottom of it.

The Madeline mantle - I got a Cricut for Christmas and Terry and I used the heck out of it for this party. It was so fun!

The favor table

I made playdough and tied a cookie cutter to little Mason jars for the favors.

My sweet girl and me before her party started. She had so much fun!!! 

It dawned on me that this will be her last birthday party in this house and probably her last in San Angelo. We are so thankful for our sweet friends!


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet girl!! The party was SO CUTE!!! Love seeing your ideas!!