Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend Update

 This weekend we went to our friend Kylee's 5th birthday party. It was probably the cutest party I've been to. Maybe it has something to do with my affection for cake but it was so cute! Madeline is addicted to sugar so she pretty much had the time of her life! Each kid got to make a pizza and then decorate their own individual cake. Adorable!

 Madeline's cake started out pretty modest...

But before long she had enough candy on her cake to open her own candy store. I'm pretty sure she ate about the same amount that was on top of her cake. 

I feel as if this photo (below) adequately describes the success of the party! No clothes, an awesome party hat, and not long after she passed out! We had so much fun!!!

Finally, to add to the weekend fun, I saw this in HEB. Terry and I are obsessed with the commercial for this - like stomach hurting laughter. I've only seen it twice which is kind of a shame. If you haven't seen this infomercial, you are really missing out. For your viewing convenience I attached it below. It is hilarious - so beware of your q-tips this week...they are dangerous! And if you need a wax vac now you don't have to wait, HEB has lots of them! You're welcome!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Aha Friday...

So I posted about having to have a mammogram and an ultrasound and I thought I edited the post before anyone saw it, but anyway, all is well. I have a cyst that they said I could have removed but it would probably come back so I am just going to leave it alone for now. BTW,  mammograms really aren't that bad - getting my eyebrows waxed today was much worse!

It was a long week this week. I had an intense clinical week and in the back of my mind I was a little worried about what the results of the mammogram and the ultrasound might be. I felt like God kept showing Himself to me this week though. I was reminded over and over of His goodness, and the miracle of life. 
To top it off, I had my first "aha" moment in clinicals on Wednesday. I am fairly certain that women's health is where I want to work. Labor and delivery, NICU, or postpartum. I was CERTAIN when I started nursing school that I did not want ANY part of any of that but I had my first rotation there this week and I was on cloud 9. It was an incredible high all day long! I worked in the ICU this week too which I liked but I think I am too emotional to work in there. I learned a lot but I also got choked up a lot too. 
The other great thing that happened this week was I had a chance encounter with the community outreach person for the Pregnancy Help Center in San Angelo. The Help Center has been on my mind for a few months, but I tend to push things to the back of my mind until God slaps me in the face with them. So a few weeks ago, I got invited to go to their dinner - thanks, Shyanne! And then Tuesday, I met the director - totally a God thing as she said. So hopefully I can help out in some small way - I'll find out more Monday.

On top of all the seriousness, I got an early birthday present. My dad asked me about a month ago what I wanted for my birthday. So I completely jokingly told him he could fly me to the Alabama game - they play Arkansas on my birthday. So he called Terry, worked out the details, and my Dad and I will be in Tuscaloosa on my birthday to watch the game! I am so excited - I almost peed my pants when he told me! Roll Tide!!!

It's been a good and trying week! I am excited for the weekend!

Happy Friday! 

BTW - it's almost October. October 2013 is officially known in our house as "Melissa's 30th Birthday Month!" :) 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stay At Home Sunday

It's kinda been stay at home weekend around here. We've been struggling to potty train Madeline and so we decided to just have a weekend where she can run around without clothes and we put all our focus on using the potty. I kinda wanted to pull my hair out yesterday, but today she hasn't had one accident. She's pretty much going on her own with some reminding from me.

I can't express how relieved I will feel to have her potty trained. I honestly thought she would have been trained sooner than this but she's pretty stubborn. I have no idea where she gets that! Side note, I've also put it off like the plague because I didn't want to deal with it so a lot of it is my fault.

Anyway, in all the staying at home, I decided to straighten my hair to kill some time. I definitely need some smoothing serum or something but I like it straight. I feel like a whole new woman! Just kidding. I kinda got depressed because I found about 7 gray hairs while I was straightening it! I am officially getting old! 

Not the best picture but you get the idea!

I also started using this face wash called dermatologic and I am so impressed. I was really hesitant to spend the money on a "grown up" skin care line, but I bit the bullet last week, and I really am seeing that whole you get what you pay for thing. So far I love it. Even Terry noticed and that's saying a lot.

Potty training aside, its been a great weekend! We barbecued twice yesterday because it was so nice out! Lots of football, a few friends, and the start of fall made for such a wonderful weekend! 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fall Fun

A couple of weekends ago our church hosted Parents Night Out so Terry and I got to go on a date! We met up with another couple  for dinner.  By 9 we were kinda bored and tired so we went and got Madeline! We had a good time but I think we're just getting old.

 Our friend asked me to do a duck face for the picture - clearly, Terry was impressed!

The next day after church Terry had his Fantasy Football draft party. Of course, I busted out all the football decor even though I am probably the only one who even cared. Well, that's not entirely true, Madeline has a keen eye for some party decorations. She loves a party these days! Anyway, I know pretty much nothing about fantasy football but let me assure you, it is pretty dang serious. These people came prepared with typed lists of draft picks for first, second, third choice for every position. I was totally amused! And if you're thinking that's just how some guys are about football, you're wrong. The girls were equally as intense. Cracked me up! 

 Here's the man  checking out his team. I should've taken pictures during the draft, but I was grilling. Everyone had a tablet or laptop and our computer was hooked up to the TV so everyone could see what was going on. It's pretty serious! haha Anyway, we had a good time and Madeline ate about 46 M&M cookies.

I love fall, and I love COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Alabama plays A&M next weekend, and I am pumped. I was going to invite some people over to watch the game, but then decided not to. I don't think people understand how sacred big Bama games are to me, and I don't want the pressure of entertaining during that game. I am so glad fall is almost here, and I am praying really hard that cooler weather comes SOON! :)