Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stay At Home Sunday

It's kinda been stay at home weekend around here. We've been struggling to potty train Madeline and so we decided to just have a weekend where she can run around without clothes and we put all our focus on using the potty. I kinda wanted to pull my hair out yesterday, but today she hasn't had one accident. She's pretty much going on her own with some reminding from me.

I can't express how relieved I will feel to have her potty trained. I honestly thought she would have been trained sooner than this but she's pretty stubborn. I have no idea where she gets that! Side note, I've also put it off like the plague because I didn't want to deal with it so a lot of it is my fault.

Anyway, in all the staying at home, I decided to straighten my hair to kill some time. I definitely need some smoothing serum or something but I like it straight. I feel like a whole new woman! Just kidding. I kinda got depressed because I found about 7 gray hairs while I was straightening it! I am officially getting old! 

Not the best picture but you get the idea!

I also started using this face wash called dermatologic and I am so impressed. I was really hesitant to spend the money on a "grown up" skin care line, but I bit the bullet last week, and I really am seeing that whole you get what you pay for thing. So far I love it. Even Terry noticed and that's saying a lot.

Potty training aside, its been a great weekend! We barbecued twice yesterday because it was so nice out! Lots of football, a few friends, and the start of fall made for such a wonderful weekend! 

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