Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fall Fun

A couple of weekends ago our church hosted Parents Night Out so Terry and I got to go on a date! We met up with another couple  for dinner.  By 9 we were kinda bored and tired so we went and got Madeline! We had a good time but I think we're just getting old.

 Our friend asked me to do a duck face for the picture - clearly, Terry was impressed!

The next day after church Terry had his Fantasy Football draft party. Of course, I busted out all the football decor even though I am probably the only one who even cared. Well, that's not entirely true, Madeline has a keen eye for some party decorations. She loves a party these days! Anyway, I know pretty much nothing about fantasy football but let me assure you, it is pretty dang serious. These people came prepared with typed lists of draft picks for first, second, third choice for every position. I was totally amused! And if you're thinking that's just how some guys are about football, you're wrong. The girls were equally as intense. Cracked me up! 

 Here's the man  checking out his team. I should've taken pictures during the draft, but I was grilling. Everyone had a tablet or laptop and our computer was hooked up to the TV so everyone could see what was going on. It's pretty serious! haha Anyway, we had a good time and Madeline ate about 46 M&M cookies.

I love fall, and I love COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Alabama plays A&M next weekend, and I am pumped. I was going to invite some people over to watch the game, but then decided not to. I don't think people understand how sacred big Bama games are to me, and I don't want the pressure of entertaining during that game. I am so glad fall is almost here, and I am praying really hard that cooler weather comes SOON! :)

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