Thursday, January 26, 2017


We had Madeline's party a few weeks early this year since her birthday falls so close to Christmas. She wanted a candy land birthday so I did my best to make it happen! The problem is you can go absolutely nuts with that theme, but I promised Terry we'd keep it low key. We invited her class because she wanted a couple of her friends from school to come, and so many of them showed up! hah Hence the lack of pictures until the party was almost over! 

I made these for the tables outside. I found a place that rented us a bounce house and two tables with chairs for a very reasonable cost. I will do that again and again - SO worth it! 

We had pizza - I had her party at 11 on a Saturday because we had FOUR Christmas parties that weekend too so I kept the food super simple. 

The backdoor - I got this thing on amazon and Madeline loved it even though its a little cheesy. 

Her cake was my friend from work makes the cutest best tasting cakes ever!!! This was hands down my favorite cake yet! 

We gave out gumball machines and lollipops as party favors. And now all the moms hate me! :) 

Madeline with Brodie and Evie...basically family 

Some sweet sassy girls! 

After everyone left, Madeline and I went and jumped in the bounce house until they came and got it. Y'all that is a workout but it was such sweet time with my big girl! 

So far I love six. Madeline is becoming a little lady and she has the biggest heart. She is so funny, conscientious, and I have loved watching her develop into a little girl. She loves animals, Pokemon, reading, and all things outside. She is a Daddy's girl these days, but every now and then she just wants Mom...those are my favorite days! :) She adores Ethan, and I just couldn't be prouder of the big sister she is to him. 

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. My prayer for you is that you'll follow the Lord all the days of your life, and that one day you will get to experience the sheer joy of motherhood. I love you with my whole heart. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

New Year

Well, somehow 2 and a half months have gone by without a single blog post. I have good intentions, but life is busy. I decided though that I am going to start back again because I love to look back and see things I would never remember without this blog. So 2017 is hopefully going to be more well documented than 2016! 

I made a couple of New Years Resolutions for this year. 

1. No real pressure on resolutions :) 
2. Live more simply - get rid of junk and practice contentment, LESS social media, internet
3. Eat better - more fresh, more organic, and more home cooked - we did pretty good the last half of the year but I would like to step up our clean eating game for sure 
4. Spend more time outside than inside - this is easy in the summer but winter is a real struggle for me...even in Florida! 
5. Take better care of myself - exercise more, better skin care, and more quiet time with the Lord specifically 
6. Finish my masters degree - I started in August but it has been slow going it seems, hoping to get it knocked out this year 
7. Love Terry, Madeline, and Ethan well 
8. Be a more thoughtful friend 

I think that's it. This stuff is always rolling around in my head anyway, but something about January always feels so fresh. I am hoping to blog more and take better pictures - i.e. with a camera not my phone. I really want to soak up my sweet little family. Sometimes they overwhelm me...the day to day tasks and chores, but gosh they're sweet.  I guess I just added to my list. Id like to look back next January and see some tangible progress. Praying that 2017 will be a fruitful year for me as a wife, mom, daughter, friend, and child of the King.