Monday, January 9, 2017

New Year

Well, somehow 2 and a half months have gone by without a single blog post. I have good intentions, but life is busy. I decided though that I am going to start back again because I love to look back and see things I would never remember without this blog. So 2017 is hopefully going to be more well documented than 2016! 

I made a couple of New Years Resolutions for this year. 

1. No real pressure on resolutions :) 
2. Live more simply - get rid of junk and practice contentment, LESS social media, internet
3. Eat better - more fresh, more organic, and more home cooked - we did pretty good the last half of the year but I would like to step up our clean eating game for sure 
4. Spend more time outside than inside - this is easy in the summer but winter is a real struggle for me...even in Florida! 
5. Take better care of myself - exercise more, better skin care, and more quiet time with the Lord specifically 
6. Finish my masters degree - I started in August but it has been slow going it seems, hoping to get it knocked out this year 
7. Love Terry, Madeline, and Ethan well 
8. Be a more thoughtful friend 

I think that's it. This stuff is always rolling around in my head anyway, but something about January always feels so fresh. I am hoping to blog more and take better pictures - i.e. with a camera not my phone. I really want to soak up my sweet little family. Sometimes they overwhelm me...the day to day tasks and chores, but gosh they're sweet.  I guess I just added to my list. Id like to look back next January and see some tangible progress. Praying that 2017 will be a fruitful year for me as a wife, mom, daughter, friend, and child of the King. 

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