Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Life Lately

I feel like my blog is a little redundant...wash, rinse, repeat, but this is life now. I know one day I'll look back on these days and miss them. We have been up to more of the same. 

I got a sneak peek at Madeline's pictures, and oh my word. So stinking sweet. It was a "princess" photo shoot which is a little cheesy I know, but she thought it was the most magical thing in the world. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. 

More frog catching...her love of frogs is a borderline obsession. They are everywhere, and she is actually pretty good at catching them. She's quick, and we crack up watching her. 

It's not always rainbows and roses here though. This girl has a mind of her own, likes to voice her opinion, and is SO stubborn. I have no idea where she gets that??!! :) So while 4 has been a fun age so far, it's also a little frustrating at times. I think this was when I wouldn't let her run across the dirt pile beside the pool. My worst fear since they started the pool has been her falling in it. Seeing as how it's concrete and all, it's pretty terrifying so we've been kind of strict about her playing around it.  Clearly, she thinks I'm unreasonable! :) 

PS we also got a fence! They finally finished it after about a month! 

Speaking of the pool, it's sooooo close to being finished. They said hopefully by this weekend so fingers crossed we'll be swimming this weekend! Can you spy a sweet girl in there? Rescuing frogs now doubt...sometimes she and Terry play ball in there too! haha 

The flagstone and tile were supposed to be "bamboo" colored and when they did the tile and the flagstone, it looks clay-pit orange. I strongly disliked it but the guy said it's a natural stone so you never know what you're gonna get, blah blah blah. I decided that it was a very first world worry and to let it go. When they put the pavers in, I liked it a whole lot. So I can sleep well now and so can you! :) 

And of course, we've been to the beach a couple of times. I just love watching her at the beach. It just never gets old for her or me either really. 

When we went on Thursday there were crabs everywhere, but they are so dang fast! I never did get a picture. 

At one point, the clouds covered the sun and the sun was just peeking through. The water was sparkling, and I was just overwhelmed. God is pretty amazing! I can't imagine looking around and seeing anything but His handiwork! 

Finally, we got our toes done. It was overdue for me, and this was the first time Madeline sat still long enough to not mess hers up before we left! I was kind surprised by her color choice, but she said it matches Mario Kart so I guess that's good enough for me! 

Happy Wednesday!!! 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Around the House

I may never get around to posting pictures of our house with things on the walls because it seems to be taking me forever to find stuff I want to hang. I am trying to be prudent in my choices, and I think I am kinda picky or the stuff I like is way out of our budget! haha 

Anyway, here's the kitchen which is pretty much set, and the dining room. I do want some pallet art for the dining room, but I haven't found exactly what I want yet. I'm not entirely sure what I want to be honest, but I know I want pallet art with some sort of scripture on it. I did get some curtains hung, and a centerpiece on the dining table. We bought our dining set before we moved in, and I love it. I wanted something practical yet pretty and this set seemed to fit the bill! We eat almost every meal here...the others we eat outside. We don't really use our bar very often, but I think we probably will as Madeline gets older. It has been nice to have when we have more people than can fit at the table. We basically stole our barstools on black friday from Lowe's...they were SO cheap but are pretty decent quality. I really wanted some pretty fabric ones, but I knew deep in my heart my sweet girl would trash them and I would cry so I was practical for once in my life. :) 

My backsplash was a stressful decision but I like how it came together! It's funny how many decisions I really stressed about, and now I barely notice them. 

My favorite nook...the coffee corner! :) 

We have had a lot of rug drama. The first one we bought I really loved but it tore up in less than 30 days so we returned it. The second one was too small, the third looked too big so I gave up. It's just gonna get food dropped on it anyway! If I ever find one that fits in the space, I may get it, but for now we're rug-less! 

The lighting is pretty terrible in my awesome iPhone photos, but I really love the way everything turned out! I kept things pretty neutral for now, but may change it up later on. I just can't say how much we love our home! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Terry's dad got a good report yesterday - the largest brain tumor is about 1/3 smaller, one of the small ones is almost gone, and the other small one is 1/3 smaller. So for now, he'll do chemo on Mondays, and lung radiation on Tuesdays and Fridays. Our prayer is that it continues to work, and that he can stay well throughout treatment. The nurse said people usually get sick between treatments 7 and 9 so we still have a long road ahead. He'll go back in 2 months for another scan to check on everything. 

Terry and I took Madeline to school and then headed to the hospital on base for his surgery. We got there pretty early so we just rode around on base. It is so pretty! 

We found this guy in the road...of course, I had to get him to safety. Terry humored me and stopped so I could put him in the woods. Made my day! 

Terry's surgery went well once it finally got done. The case before his got delayed so his got delayed by FIVE hours. He was not happy to say the least.  The anesthesiologist came and gave him some happy medicine and he started cracking jokes. They had to go through his neck to do a nerve block on his arm, and he told the anesthesiologist she better be careful not to break her needle going through all those muscles. haha What made it funnier is that she did have to get a bigger needle so we all got a good laugh. He started losing feeling in his arm and then he just got crazy. I was dying laughing and taking pictures and video because I'm a good wife like that! He did fine, he'll be out of work for a couple of weeks, and some restrictions on lifting and stuff for 6 weeks. His doctor was super nice and I knew the anesthesiologist from where I work now so that was nice. I have to say he was so super sweet after surgery. 

Pre-happy juice 

Feeling good! haha 
The wave! hahahaha

After surgery...doing the "Madeline" wink 

We barely made it to Madeline before 6pm, and I felt so bad. I told her we'd be picking her up early and we were like the last ones there. Anyway, by the time we got her, got Terry settled, and ate dinner, it was late. I told Madeline we could only read one book last night so she better pick a good one. This is what she picked...

I've never been more proud! :)
 Today, we're so grateful for good news and God's goodness! 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had a good weekend! I felt like I needed some girl time with Madeline so we went to see "Home". It was so cute! I took a selfie in the parking lot of me in my new glasses! I got a little bold with the leopard print but I love them! haha 

Yesterday we went to Lowe's for some extremely exciting things like fungicide and weed eater string, and I saw these rims for lawnmowers. You can imagine the excitement! I begged  Terry to get them...he wasn't convinced they were cool or worth $60. Maybe I'll hook him up for Father's Day! :)

After Lowe's we had to go to a farm in Milton for Madeline's 4 year pictures. I realize I am 4 months late...whatever. We got there a little early and had some time to kill so Terry took us muddin'. Oh my word it was so fun. It has been so rainy so the mud was flying only took one big puddle before we rolled the windows up! I think we both agreed the mud inside the truck was worth the fun we had! 

Madeline's cousin, Mya, also got her pictures made. I snapped this of the two of them before the shoot. They're so stinking cute together! Madeline was a ham for this photographer...I have never seen her like she was on Saturday. I may have a little super model on my hands! haha I can't wait to see the pictures! 

This morning we didn't go to church because we were under a tornado watch and the weather was pretty bad. Madeline has been battling a cold too so we just decided to stay home. The weather cleared up late this afternoon so we headed to the beach. The red flag was out so we didn't swim plus the purple flag was out too which means dangerous marine life. Somebody on the beach said it was for jelly fish but either way, not worth getting in the water. 

It was still so pretty! The waves were huge! 

Look at those running skills! 

Be still my these two! 

Terry decided to make Madeline into a mermaid, which was super amusing for her! 

Then, this happened so we packed up and headed to dinner. 

We went to Crabs which is our favorite restaurant on the beach. The atmosphere is perfect - there's a playground for the kids, loud music, and the food is pretty good too! We don't go often, but always enjoy it when we do go! Of course, it's Madeline's favorite place to go because she gets to play in the sand before dinner! 

It was a pretty good weekend despite the bad weather! 

This is a big week...Terry's dad has a MRI on Wednesday to see how well the gamma knife worked on the largest brain tumor so we're a little anxious about that. He's going for his 3rd chemo treatment and so far he's been feeling pretty good. We're just praying he continues to stay well and not get sick from the treatment, and of course for good news from the neurosurgeon Wednesday. Twayne is having surgery the same day on his wrist so it'll be a big day for everyone. 

The Frog Whisperer

We have had a ton of rain this week which means no work on the pool! We have SO many frogs that live around our the end of our street is a pond on the golf course so I think that contributes to the abundance of frogs we have. Anyway, I'm a big fan of frogs - they eat bugs and mosquitoes and they remind me of being a kid. Win, win! 

Well, Madeline is a super fan. Green rain frogs, those kind of frogs with the freakishly long legs, and toad frogs...she loves them all. Since the rain, our pool has become a large frog trap so she spends her afternoons "rescuing" them from the pool. It really is a rescue because they can't get out once they get in since there's no water in it. But the rescue usually involves being carried around in a bucket for a while until Madeline finishes making a "home" for them and finally releases them. Usually some reprimanding "for jumping" is involved too. How dare those frogs try to jump out of the rescue bucket? :) 

If you look close, you'll see Polly photo bombing as usual! :) My sweet girl...she shows me how to find joy in the simple things, and I show her how to wash her hands properly after frog handling! ;) 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekend Update

We had the best went by way too fast but they usually do! Saturday we were supposed to have bad weather all day, but it was bright and sunny so we headed to the beach. Madeline was styling' in her sunglasses! 

The yellow flag was out so the waves were bigger than normal, and these two had a blast. I can't lie, we all did. We played in the waves for a good hour or so. So fun! 

Then, these two built a sand castle. So cute. 

Right when we got there this happened. The cutest daddy/daughter moment. What you can't see is that they're eating ice cream which is why neither of them is in the water already! :) My loves! 

After we got home from the beach, we changed clothes and headed out to Bear Lake. Terry and I used to go camping there when we were teenagers! haha He wanted to take Madeline brim fishing so we headed up there. 

It is so beautiful there....

Madeline really didn't last long fishing. She was more interested in throwing pine cones in the water and trying to climb on the canoes out there. 

Most of the fish didn't really like our bait, but this one did! Madeline and I were squealing with delight which I am SURE the other people out there fishing appreciated! :) We're just not the kind of girls you take to do things that require focus and quiet! 

 After fishing we headed out to Terry's uncle's house to see his dad and hang out with the family. Madeline always talks Terry's aunt and uncle into all kinds of sweet stuff so she's always devastated when it's time to leave! 

Sunday we went to the same church we visited last week, and we liked it even better! Madeline went to children's church which was slightly traumatic to begin with but when we picked her up, she had a crown on her head and told me all about Queen Esther. I was really thankful she liked it so much. 

After church we made a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up a few things to cook. Terry's dad brought over some shrimp so we grilled those with some steaks and veggies, and it was sooooo good! His aunts and uncle came too so I had to step up my cooking game and use things like real butter and heavy cream! haha His family doesn't mess around in the kitchen so I'm always a little intimidated when we're hosting! :) It turned out fine though, and my pretty banana pudding was a big hit with Terry's dad! It was the only picture I got Sunday! 

It was one of those weekends where you're super tired Sunday night, but you think why can't every weekend be this good?!