Sunday, April 26, 2015

Around the House

I may never get around to posting pictures of our house with things on the walls because it seems to be taking me forever to find stuff I want to hang. I am trying to be prudent in my choices, and I think I am kinda picky or the stuff I like is way out of our budget! haha 

Anyway, here's the kitchen which is pretty much set, and the dining room. I do want some pallet art for the dining room, but I haven't found exactly what I want yet. I'm not entirely sure what I want to be honest, but I know I want pallet art with some sort of scripture on it. I did get some curtains hung, and a centerpiece on the dining table. We bought our dining set before we moved in, and I love it. I wanted something practical yet pretty and this set seemed to fit the bill! We eat almost every meal here...the others we eat outside. We don't really use our bar very often, but I think we probably will as Madeline gets older. It has been nice to have when we have more people than can fit at the table. We basically stole our barstools on black friday from Lowe's...they were SO cheap but are pretty decent quality. I really wanted some pretty fabric ones, but I knew deep in my heart my sweet girl would trash them and I would cry so I was practical for once in my life. :) 

My backsplash was a stressful decision but I like how it came together! It's funny how many decisions I really stressed about, and now I barely notice them. 

My favorite nook...the coffee corner! :) 

We have had a lot of rug drama. The first one we bought I really loved but it tore up in less than 30 days so we returned it. The second one was too small, the third looked too big so I gave up. It's just gonna get food dropped on it anyway! If I ever find one that fits in the space, I may get it, but for now we're rug-less! 

The lighting is pretty terrible in my awesome iPhone photos, but I really love the way everything turned out! I kept things pretty neutral for now, but may change it up later on. I just can't say how much we love our home! 

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