Thursday, June 19, 2014

Interview #1

I've wanted to interview Madeline for a long time but she didn't really ever understand the questions! So today I conducted a very formal interview with her...I can't wait to interview her again at her birthday to see how much she changes! 

  1. What is your favorite animal? a dinosaur
  2. What's your favorite color? brown
  3. What is your favorite food? rice 
  4. What is your favorite song? Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  5. Who is your best friend? Mommy
  6. What's your favorite book? Fairy Princess book
  7. What's your favorite thing to do with mommy? Grocery store
  8. What's your favorite thing to do with Daddy? go to Home Depot 
  9. What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher 
  10. What's your favorite movie? The Princess and the Frog 

My sweet girl surprised me...dinosaur and brown were borderline shocking answers! At least she's well rounded! :) And don't be jealous of the exciting things she does with Terry and me like grocery shopping and going to Home Depot!!! 

 Just so no one thinks we're too boring, here's a picture from a couple of weekends ago of her sleeping in her tent...on top of her bed!


Monday, June 16, 2014


I'll go ahead and apologize if you read this title and thought we had an exciting trip to a water park! You'll have to watch the video to really get it...Terry is special! Last weekend he worked to make Madeline the perfect slide for her infinity pool, and she wouldn't go down it. I don't know why she didn't feel comfortable going down her slide into the pool while it was propped on a fence post.... :) He had fun though and that's all that matters I guess. We did take it down and sat it on the ground with the slide going in the pool, and Madeline slid into the pool over and over and over for about three hours.

I love that face!!! haha Sheer joy! Terry and I laughed and laughed about our "infinity" pool, and how crazy it is to think this time next year, we may actually have a real pool in our backyard. I have to say though, I don't think Madeline realizes she's missing anything yet! We had so much fun last weekend. Just to prove it, watch the video...I'm gonna miss this house and all the memories we've made here, even our inflatable pool!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

This Week....

I started working Monday...the days of orientation are necessary but they are soooo long! I have to say though, everyone is so friendly, and I am so grateful to be working! I am loving a routine, although this has been a tough week, and tonight I feel like doing this...

 Except I don't think the whole cover with my pillowcase would work out as well for me as it did for Madeline! 

Tuesday afternoon Madeline's school called me and said she had taken a pretty nasty fall. They don't ever call so I knew it must be kind of bad. Madeline tripped on the sidewalk, and a rock got stuck in her forehead. Terry and I tried to get it out at home, but I am not very effective as a nurse when it comes to Madeline. So I took her to urgent care, and she was awesome. I was really proud of her...I still can't believe she got a rock stuck in her forehead. Only my kid could do that! :)
 After we left urgent care, we stopped by Target so she could pick out a toy, and so I could get milk. I thought surely she would pick something princess, but she picked this electric guitar. She plays it on the way to school in the morning in the car, in her bed at night, and basically just all the time. At least I'm getting my money's worth! 

Last night we had some crazy weather...a tornado came through our neighborhood. So another part our fence blew down and we lost some shingles. And our appraisal was this morning so it's just been a little stressful. I guess at the end of the day we weren't hurt, and nothing we lost can't be replaced. Our neighbor lost all of his fence, another lost their chimney, and our neighborhood across the street had a basketball goal in their car. So I have tried to keep it all in perspective!

I am so glad tomorrow is FRIDAY! :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mission Impossible...

Another house update...

Well, our house went back on the market officially on Saturday. We got an offer Sunday made us a tad late to church but you can imagine our excitement. I can't honestly believe we are back under contract so quickly, but here we are! The buyers this time around seem solid, and made us a great offer. We're supposed to close on the 27th. We are crossing our fingers, and praying that this is it! 

Anyway, since the closing is in 3 weeks, I thought I better try to find somewhere to live. Do you know how hard it is to find an apartment in San Angelo right now??? I found one available and went to look at it and it was upstairs. If you're a fan of friends, picture the episode with Ross' couch and all the pivoting upstairs but outside. I could see the marital strife that lay ahead. haha Madeline and I spent the majority of our morning driving from place to place with no luck. Thankfully, a lady at one of the apartment places gave me this book with all the places for rent in San Angelo, and I literally called every one of them. Well, all the ones where I knew we'd be relatively safe. Nothing. Nada. Zip.Then a lady called me back and said they had a downstairs apartment with a small fenced yard, and I almost cried. I probably would've have paid almost anything, but she was so nice and they have a great policy for military so we were able to hold the apartment for a nominal fee.

So there you go...I know the Lord is looking out for us in all of this. The option period (where the buyers can back out for any reason) ends Monday so hopefully all will go well with our inspection this weekend.

We did make a pit stop yesterday at the scrubs store in town, and Madeline wanted to ride the gorilla. She told me to put some money in him so he'd move but I had to explain to her that he didn't work like that. So funny how her little mind works! She was a trooper yesterday, and is so excited about her "new" house...mostly because they gave her cookies in the office and there's a big pool. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Texas Love...

I have been working on redoing Madeline's room, and by working on it, I mean incessant pinning on Pinterest. I am hoping to have everything for her new room before we move. I am doing a beach theme with navy, pink, and white. I'm also throwing in some lime green and turquoise because, why not?! This kid is a beach bum so I think it will suit her perfectly, and hopefully for a long time...

 Here's the look I am going for...

 Obviously some of the stuff will be different colors, but you get the idea. I LOVE the striped wall and curtains, and the window seat. I am going to do everything in my power to get a window seat in her new room!

 Anyway, I saw these adorable state pillows for sale by Uncommon Goods, and fell in love. I thought a pillow with her hometown was perfect for her new room. The only problem is they want $85 for one pillow! I found a cute substitute on etsy so I ordered it. I can't wait for it to come will have a heart right over San Angelo. We have a so much to look forward to, but gosh, moving is going to be so hard! 

photo credit here

We really do love Texas! 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Confession Sunday...

Confession: I have no idea what I am doing wrong as a parent, but the worst in Madeline seems to come out every Sunday morning during church. While these things are not funny when they happen, I don't want to forget them. Sadly, she gets in trouble almost every Sunday.

*A couple of months ago Madeline threw her coloring page in the air and said "Woohoo" during the middle of our preacher's sermon. She also threw a crayon during this service. 
*Our preacher was getting ready to baptize a girl in our church, and was dressed in a white robe. Madeline saw him, and said, "Ahh, an angel, Momma!"

*A few Sundays ago, our pastor was preaching a little longer than usual, and Madeline pointed at him, and said out loud, "I want that to be over." She said it three times before church was over. I wanted to crawl in a hole.

*This morning she got in trouble for putting her legs in the air repeatedly, more for disobedience than anything else. Well, all afternoon she was singing "He has made me glad" so tonight Terry asked her to sing her church song, and she sang, "I was so bad at church this morning" to the same tune. We both cracked up. 

She may not be the most well behaved, but she's so funny. The thing I am learning about 3 is its completely infuriating and hilarious all at the same time. I really am trying to appreciate this age!

Phoebe Louise

Happy 5th Birthday to our sweet Phoebe!!! You are the cutest, bounciest pup we have, and dumb as a rock! You're getting a haircut for your birthday! :) We did celebrate with a little cake and ice cream too!