Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today's Post Brought to You By the Letter C...

Only because the letter C seems to be relevant for the past few days...

Conjuntivitis and Corneal Ulcer... is what I have right now. My eye was bothering me just a little Saturday night. I thought it was my contacts so I took them out but by Sunday afternoon my eye was pouring water and painful. I used some ointment but by 2:30am Monday morning I could barely open my left eye so I went to eye doctor as soon as they could see me. After heavy duty antibiotic drops every hour I still look like the evil villain in a comic book but at least I can see. I still can't drive but hopefully by tomorrow I can. Here's a little visual for you...

Ok so maybe it's not quite that bad but it hurts...moving on.

Crazy...that's my life from now until May. I am really hoping it's worth it. 5 classes, 2 of which have labs. Don't ask why I am blogging instead of studying!

Chemistry...is one of those classes. Worst. Class. Ever.

Cantankerous...is the attitude Madeline has today...she is currently napping it out...hopefully.

Coffee...is one of my best friends. And I recently tried this and loved it. I typically am not a fan of caramel but I love this stuff! I use the skinny version and its really good!

Courageous...Our church went to see it when it was in theaters but Terry and I didn't go so I rented it last night. It was a little cheesy at times but for the most part I thought it was so good.

Cry...is what I did throughout the whole movie. I bawled in the first 30 seconds when the guy rescues his baby from the guy who tries to steal his car. (I realize that's an amazing description of what happened in the movie) I also have to admit I cry every time I watch Tangled. It's the scene when the king and queen are about to light their lantern and she is fixing his necklace and big tears run down his face. Gets me every time! And I cry when they're all reunited at the end. Not really that hard to make me cry I guess...

Confession...we watch Tangled about 4 times a week so I should really be able to handle it by now. I am such a baby!

Cricut...buying one has been on my mind for months. I am lucky enough to be able to borrow one from a friend to be sure I really can use one before I make the plunge...but I think I have made up my mind.

Climb...is all this girl does. She just figured out how to climb in and out of the bathtub and that's all she wants to do now. Climb in (with no water), tear all of my stuff up, and climb out. I am loving every minute of it, though. She is learning something new every day!

Last but most importantly...

Cute...doesn't begin to describe my friend Suzanne's sweet baby girl, Ruby Caroline. She was born 1/26/12 weighing just 6lbs. She is precious and is truly a miracle. I love her already and can't wait to meet her in person!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

13 Months

 My Sweet Madeline,

You are 13 months old!!!! I know it's a little strange to keep doing monthly updates to you, but you are still changing so much and I want to remember it all! You are 22lbs, wear a size 4 shoe and diaper,  and size 18 month clothes! You can still wear some 12 months but you are long - your arms and legs! You are a happy, happy girl!!! 

You can't seem them all but you have 6 teeth. 4 on top and 2 on bottom! 

You LOVE books! They are your favorite thing right now. You like other toys too but books are your favorite! You definitely get that from me! You are wearing your Bama dress in this picture, and I'm pretty certain your cute outfit helped us win the National Championship! :) 

Your love for bath time hasn't waned either. I love your hair in this picture! 

Speaking of hair...what am I supposed to do with this? It is in such a weird phase but it is so stinking cute! I love your little ponytails that stick straight up! 

You got to play in the snow for the first time this month! Although it has snowed since you were born, this time you really got to enjoy it! I'm glad I bought that hat for you to keep your head warm! ;) You are also doing your "surprise" face in this picture. 

You are SO smart. Your vocabulary is expanding every day and you amaze us with the things you can do already. I think you are too smart sometimes! Your vocabulary is almost too long to list at this point. You know a good 20 words now and use them appropriately most of the time! You are mimicking counting now and you clap when you get to three.  You also will shake your head no when we ask you a question just to make us laugh. You've been doing that for a couple of months but you just now have started really playing it up! 

You are full of facial expressions! You do surprise face, turtle face,  you hock loogies (Daddy taught you that!), and cough if someone around you is coughing! You also wave bye-bye and blow kisses now! Your personality is out of control! 

You are very helpful! You love the dishwasher and always go for the knives!

As cute as you are at this age, you have developed a little attitude. You get mad when you can't have something you want, and you especially like to pull hair. We're working on it...

I don't really have anything to say about this...

You love to dance...this is your lazy, sitting down dance. You love music and you have just recently learned how to drop it low! 

You will eat anything...olives, pickles, lemons, onions...you have tried them all and liked them. You love corn, grapes, strawberries, and cheese still tops your list! 

You love playing on the swing and get up and down by yourself. You are so much easier outside now because you don't try to eat everything now. Although, you did eat a little bit of sidewalk chalk this week. But for the most part, you are don't put things in your mouth anymore! 

You have no self esteem issues...anytime you do something, you clap for yourself and say "Yea!" I love it! 

This picture makes you seem so big. I can't believe my baby is playing with a baby stroller and baby dolls. I think you really just enjoy pushing it around and ramming it into stuff, but still it makes you seem so grown up. 

I just love this picture so I put it on here. I think it captures you perfectly. Your little personality is so fun and so sweet!

Daddy and I are enjoying this age more than any other so far. It can be tougher because you are SO busy but it is so much fun watching you grow! You are a constant source of joy, and we love you so much! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Secret Tuesday

Since I have been holding out on Secret Sundays, I thought I would do one today. Partly because I am laughing at myself today. Confession time...I don't watch much TV. Like pretty much two shows and that's it. Ok now confession time...those shows are The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Teen Mom 2. I'm hoping that's small enough so my parents can't read it...they would be so proud! Before you ban me from church, Bible study, etc., this is one of just many  a few flaws that I have. Ok -- here's the secret. Last night was the season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the only daughter of one of the ladies on the show was getting married. I bawled my eyes out. I'm not sure if it's because it was late ( I have to watch the second time they air it because it comes on at 8 and I refuse to watch garbage while Madeline is around...I do have some boundaries.) I digress...bottom line is I sat on my couch from 10:30 to 11:30 crying like a baby watching this strange girl get married thinking about how one day that will be my daughter. One day, as in 2040 or beyond...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Today's Post Brought to You By the Letter B...

B is for...

Baby shower that I am planning for later in February. I have been working on it today, and I can't wait! I just love parties and people and food! I just went to an adorable one on Saturday for my friend Kaci. She is having a boy in March! She is doing her nursery in The Very Hungry Caterpillar  and the shower was too cute! If I was a better friend, I would have a picture of it, but, in my defense it was at 10am. We all know that might as well be dawn in my house! hah

Budget Terry and I are attempting to save money and cut expenses. I went to grab dinner last night after a quick trip to Walmart and pulled out of the line thinking about how much food we have at home and what a waste it is to spend money eating out. 

Bye-Bye In reference to the above statement, yesterday we said bye-bye to our iphones and hello to ghetto go phones. They are SO much cheaper and only in spoiled America do we care about what kind of cell phone we have.

Better planner is what I need to be. I was constantly looking up numbers to places and directions on my phone. I am going to have to be much more prepared when I leave the house now! eek!

Bama I know (college) football season is over but it never gets old when you're #1! Yea!!!

Baby where did mine go???

Bad Bad baby or bad parenting...could go either way.

I did make her get down after this and try not to let her climb up here anymore...but she was so proud. I took the picture for her self esteem! :) 

Booty Because it is so cute!!!

Beautiful Read this blog. http://thepodgefiles.blogspot.com/  Your heart will break but you can't help but admire their perspective, faith, and the grace with which they have carried their enormous burden. Terry and I are blessed to call them friends.

Blessed...I am just feeling abundantly blessed today. Happy Monday!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


You ever had a day you'd like to redo? We had one today. We woke up at normal time today and I made breakfast for us like usual on Sundays before church. I got Madeline cleaned up and out of her high chair and went to get ready. She screamed the whole time I was in the shower. No bottle, toy, or daddy could calm her down. I finally got her calmed down and dressed for church and when I put her down to blow dry my hair she flipped out again. It was so weird and sad. I gave her Tylenol and Orajel and tried again to get ready. No deals. So I gave up, crawled in bed with my baby and turned on Tangled. She fell asleep about an hour into it on me. She hasn't done that since she was a little baby. It was so sweet but I knew she must be going through something to nap on me. This was the theme of our entire day. She had a pretty terrible day but for no apparent reason. I'm hoping she gets good rest tonight and bounces back to her happy self tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


About two weeks ago it dawned on me that I have never let Madeline try to feed herself with a spoon. It kind of bothered me a little because I wonder what other important things I will "forget" to teach her! hah Anyway, so we are making some progress...applesauce is about 30% on the high chair, 20% on the floor, another 30% in her hair and the rest I think made it down the hatch! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


If you didn't think I was crazy before, you probably will after this post. I don't think it's a secret that I love animals. When I was a kid, I had almost any pet you could name, a lot of which I "rescued" myself. That being said, we discovered a mouse problem in our garage...

Just kidding...this is coffee grinds that I spilled out of the garbage. I just felt the need to add a little drama. Have you ever spilled coffee grinds? Not fun to clean up. But, for real, we had a mouse. At least one. He has been on my mind all day today and I have seen him run across the garage every time I have switched the laundry. I saw him this morning for the first time and fell in love. He is so tiny and cute! I couldn't bear the thought of killing him.

Terry probably wouldn't come out and say this to anyone but he loves animals as much as I do. So he made this trap for me. It has a cracker hanging down in the middle and we propped it up on a pen so when the mouse went after the cracker the bowl would fall on him and he would be trapped. We caught him three times before we figured out how to get him out from under the bowl without him running away. Mice aren't the most intelligent animals...poor guy fell for the same trap three times in an hour. Anyway, we finally figured out how to keep him in the trap.

Cardboard underneath the trap did the trick. He is even cuter up close. I only wish I could have gotten a good picture of him! 

After we had him really trapped, Terry taped the bowl down so he couldn't get out.  

This cutie was VERY helpful during all of this! 

We drove him to a field near our neighborhood, and I took him out a little way so he wouldn't be too close to any houses, and we set him free. 

It's the best mouse trap ever, and I just love Terry so much for appreciating how important it was to me not to kill him. We have the trap reset in case there is another one. Hopefully, we got the only one. I'll keep you posted!  

PS My mouth feels great today but I would rather have another c-section than get another tooth pulled - I'm not kidding!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Did you know we got a rooster over the weekend?! 

Isn't she cute?! 

We had a pretty good weekend. Friday night Madeline and I went to Target which is ALWAYS a good time. Although, when we got home around 8 our back door was wide open. I was terrified thinking someone was in the house so we ran out and called our neighbor. He happens to be a cop and a friend so he came down and checked everything out for me. It was pretty neat watching him in action -- it was just like they do it in the movies! haha Needless to say I didn't sleep great that night but we figured the door just didn't latch. Still a little creepy! 

Saturday, Madeline stayed with our friend, Kaci who is about to have a sweet little boy of her own! I took my test and did pretty well on it. Terry came home and Saturday night we got in some much needed family time. We ran a few errands and watched Tebow. Too bad he lost! :( 

Yesterday we had church and went to lunch at Olive Garden with some friends. Madeline sat at the kid table...it didn't last long but it was cute while it lasted! Last night we had dinner with friends...we made enchiladas which I have never made before and they were really good and very easy! 

Today is a holiday so we have one more day to enjoy together...except that my tooth is getting pulled in an hour. Wish me luck! Happy Monday!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

13 Things on My Mind Today...

1. I can't seem to sleep at night lately and it is SO annoying! I am exhausted.

2. Terry has been gone for 3 days and it feels like eternity. I sound so pathetic but I really miss him...we talked on the phone for over an hour last night and it made me feel like we were dating again!

3. I am taking my test in the morning and I am SO nervous.

4. I am more nervous about getting my tooth pulled -- my appointment got moved to Monday and I am terrified.

5. I HATE getting out of bed when it's cold outside...torture.  But I am very thankful our bathrooms have those heating things on the ceilings - makes getting ready a lot more pleasant.

6. I have been consciously trying to lower my energy consumption...mostly because I am cheap but I think it also helps the environment too. I am a light Nazi these days...

7. I wish I was a full time party planner...and made tons of money doing it! hah

8. I helped with the middle schoolers Wednesday night and I am terrified of Madeline growing up...they were wild but I got glimpses of their concern for their own salvation. Not one of them raised their hands when asked if they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt if they were going to heaven. It made me so sad but motivated me to share more about Jesus with young people. I wish I didn't have class on Wednesday nights so I could be more involved...

9. I have been thinking about potty training a lot...maybe I should focus on getting Madeline off the bottle first! haha

10. I only thought my house was somewhat baby proof. Nothing is sacred anymore, and if we leave it out Madeline finds it. I had kinda hoped since she was a girl she would be easier in some respects but not so...she is everywhere and moves non stop until she falls asleep. She even walks back and forth in the tub...I am tired by the end of every day!

11. Polly is still limping after about 4 months and we think she has hip displaysia. It's degenerative and was a major contributing factor in the death of my favorite childhood dog and I am scared for Polly.

12. I need to clean out my closet...it's my last big project to do before school starts again.

13. Friday the 13th always makes me think of my Papaw. He was SO superstitious. He was such a funny man and the last person you would expect to be superstitious. I miss him.

Happy Friday! Even if it is the 13th -- its still Friday! Yea!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snow Day!!!

It snowed last night. I took Madeline out in for a little while last night but had to bring her in due to concerns of minor injuries such as frostbite and hypothermia since she was in her pajamas. Well, she threw a fit so I had to take her out today to let her get in a little more fun in the snow, even though it is melting so fast today it sounds like it is raining as it drips from the roof and trees.