Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today's Post Brought to You By the Letter C...

Only because the letter C seems to be relevant for the past few days...

Conjuntivitis and Corneal Ulcer... is what I have right now. My eye was bothering me just a little Saturday night. I thought it was my contacts so I took them out but by Sunday afternoon my eye was pouring water and painful. I used some ointment but by 2:30am Monday morning I could barely open my left eye so I went to eye doctor as soon as they could see me. After heavy duty antibiotic drops every hour I still look like the evil villain in a comic book but at least I can see. I still can't drive but hopefully by tomorrow I can. Here's a little visual for you...

Ok so maybe it's not quite that bad but it hurts...moving on.

Crazy...that's my life from now until May. I am really hoping it's worth it. 5 classes, 2 of which have labs. Don't ask why I am blogging instead of studying!

Chemistry...is one of those classes. Worst. Class. Ever.

Cantankerous...is the attitude Madeline has today...she is currently napping it out...hopefully.

Coffee...is one of my best friends. And I recently tried this and loved it. I typically am not a fan of caramel but I love this stuff! I use the skinny version and its really good!

Courageous...Our church went to see it when it was in theaters but Terry and I didn't go so I rented it last night. It was a little cheesy at times but for the most part I thought it was so good.

Cry...is what I did throughout the whole movie. I bawled in the first 30 seconds when the guy rescues his baby from the guy who tries to steal his car. (I realize that's an amazing description of what happened in the movie) I also have to admit I cry every time I watch Tangled. It's the scene when the king and queen are about to light their lantern and she is fixing his necklace and big tears run down his face. Gets me every time! And I cry when they're all reunited at the end. Not really that hard to make me cry I guess...

Confession...we watch Tangled about 4 times a week so I should really be able to handle it by now. I am such a baby!

Cricut...buying one has been on my mind for months. I am lucky enough to be able to borrow one from a friend to be sure I really can use one before I make the plunge...but I think I have made up my mind.

Climb...is all this girl does. She just figured out how to climb in and out of the bathtub and that's all she wants to do now. Climb in (with no water), tear all of my stuff up, and climb out. I am loving every minute of it, though. She is learning something new every day!

Last but most importantly...

Cute...doesn't begin to describe my friend Suzanne's sweet baby girl, Ruby Caroline. She was born 1/26/12 weighing just 6lbs. She is precious and is truly a miracle. I love her already and can't wait to meet her in person!

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