Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

13 Things on My Mind Today...

1. I can't seem to sleep at night lately and it is SO annoying! I am exhausted.

2. Terry has been gone for 3 days and it feels like eternity. I sound so pathetic but I really miss him...we talked on the phone for over an hour last night and it made me feel like we were dating again!

3. I am taking my test in the morning and I am SO nervous.

4. I am more nervous about getting my tooth pulled -- my appointment got moved to Monday and I am terrified.

5. I HATE getting out of bed when it's cold outside...torture.  But I am very thankful our bathrooms have those heating things on the ceilings - makes getting ready a lot more pleasant.

6. I have been consciously trying to lower my energy consumption...mostly because I am cheap but I think it also helps the environment too. I am a light Nazi these days...

7. I wish I was a full time party planner...and made tons of money doing it! hah

8. I helped with the middle schoolers Wednesday night and I am terrified of Madeline growing up...they were wild but I got glimpses of their concern for their own salvation. Not one of them raised their hands when asked if they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt if they were going to heaven. It made me so sad but motivated me to share more about Jesus with young people. I wish I didn't have class on Wednesday nights so I could be more involved...

9. I have been thinking about potty training a lot...maybe I should focus on getting Madeline off the bottle first! haha

10. I only thought my house was somewhat baby proof. Nothing is sacred anymore, and if we leave it out Madeline finds it. I had kinda hoped since she was a girl she would be easier in some respects but not so...she is everywhere and moves non stop until she falls asleep. She even walks back and forth in the tub...I am tired by the end of every day!

11. Polly is still limping after about 4 months and we think she has hip displaysia. It's degenerative and was a major contributing factor in the death of my favorite childhood dog and I am scared for Polly.

12. I need to clean out my's my last big project to do before school starts again.

13. Friday the 13th always makes me think of my Papaw. He was SO superstitious. He was such a funny man and the last person you would expect to be superstitious. I miss him.

Happy Friday! Even if it is the 13th -- its still Friday! Yea!!!

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