Sunday, January 8, 2012

Secret Sunday

This is perhaps my most embarrassing post yet...Let me start with a little background. I have all of our bills except for 2 set up on auto-pay. I am forgetful so this is the best way to ensure they get paid on time. Well, the two that I pay on my own are the water and the electricity. December was crazy between Christmas, birthday, finishing school, family and friends in town, get the idea. Well, last Sunday Terry and I took my parents to the airport in San Antonio so we were gone all day. We came home and had no water. My heart started racing and I shamefully admitted to Terry that I must have forgotten to pay the water bill and they shut our water off. So I went online found the emergency number to get your water reconnected, and left them a desperate message to reconnect our water noting that I would pay whatever it cost to reconnect after hours. While I waited for them to return my call, I checked my facebook and saw about a thousand posts about a huge water main breaking in the city and no one having water. I felt like such an idiot but I am sure the water people got a good laugh out of it. My water bill is now set up on auto-pay. haha

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