Sunday, October 14, 2012

A day in the life...

"Don't eat the dog food. Seriously. Spit it out."

"Don't pour your bath water on the floor!"

"We don't throw things when we're mad. Or because we think its funny."

"Get off of the back of the couch!"

"How did you get that picture off your wall?"

"Quit putting the dogs' food in their water. They don't like cereal!"

"Stand up, please!" ( we deal with the limp body on an almost daily basis)

"Be quiet while we're praying."

"Get out of the pantry."

"Close the refrigerator."

"Get out of the kitchen!"

"Don't dump your toys out on the floor. Ok, now clean them up!"

"Color on YOUR PAPER! We ONLY color on paper!!!"

"Come here!!!" (as she runs from me hysterically laughing)

"Leave your clothes on!" (this is a whole other post)

Am I the only mom going through this on a daily basis? I really thought I was tired when she was a newborn but almost 2 is kicking my butt! 

Friday, October 5, 2012


I'm a little behind on blogging! Here's the quick version of the past two weeks! 

*My mom was released from the hospital and is doing better. However, they have told her it could take months for her to be back to normal. She seems to be doing better and better though! 

*My granny still is having a lot of pain associated with her shingles and just isn't doing that great. I feel so bad for her and have been praying for healing for her.

*School is crazy busy. I feel like I go from preparing from one huge test to the next. I LOVE clinicals though. We are doing geriatrics this semester, and I am not gonna lie, I was totally dreading it. I just kept thinking of smells and things that I knew I would have to do and really didn't want to. Turns out I LOVE geriatric patients. Like, I could see myself working with geriatrics I love it so much. They are amazing and I am learning so much. And just for your info, if you ever needed it, I can now give you any kind of injection you might need or insert a nasogastric tube down your throat! So if you need me, call me! haha

Finally, for your entertainment on Friday, I will recap my horrific day yesterday for you! 

I got out of clinicals around 10:30 (we start at 6:30am) and went to the base to get groceries. By the time I got there Terry was getting out for lunch so we went to eat together. He decided we should get Madeline on our way back. So Madeline and I got groceries and bring them home around 1 or so. I decided to clean out the fridge before putting everything away. Madeline was being SO good. Too good. Quiet. Scary. So I called for her to come to me and almost fainted when I saw her. She had somehow gotten the bottle of Hershey's syrup out of the fridge when I wasn't looking. She and her clothes were brown. Like head to toe, bathed in chocolate syrup, brown. I really wasn't that mad but I did say a quick prayer that it wasn't all over the couch or the rug. I took her straight to the bathtub and started rinsing her off before I thought that I needed to take pictures. Thankfully, the only other place affected was the coffee table, which she decorated for me! 

The day gets better. When I got her out of the bathtub, she decided to run from me. I needed to put away her clothes and just decided to hang up 2 - just TWO - dresses before I chased her down. I heard her from the living room say, "good girl" and she came running in her room with poop  on her butt. She had decided to use the potty in the living room floor. So rather than lose my cool, I explained to her that we go poop in the potty and proceeded to clean and dress her. As I was cleaning the rug in the living room, I hear what sounds like hail in the kitchen. At this point, I just couldn't believe it. She had taken the Sam's size bag of cheerios and made it rain. Not just dumped them out - I am talking all out threw them up in the air all over the place. Approximately one billion cheerios. She knew she was in trouble then!

So by 4pm yesterday, my groceries were put away and my kitchen halfway back in order!

Happy Friday!