Sunday, October 14, 2012

A day in the life...

"Don't eat the dog food. Seriously. Spit it out."

"Don't pour your bath water on the floor!"

"We don't throw things when we're mad. Or because we think its funny."

"Get off of the back of the couch!"

"How did you get that picture off your wall?"

"Quit putting the dogs' food in their water. They don't like cereal!"

"Stand up, please!" ( we deal with the limp body on an almost daily basis)

"Be quiet while we're praying."

"Get out of the pantry."

"Close the refrigerator."

"Get out of the kitchen!"

"Don't dump your toys out on the floor. Ok, now clean them up!"

"Color on YOUR PAPER! We ONLY color on paper!!!"

"Come here!!!" (as she runs from me hysterically laughing)

"Leave your clothes on!" (this is a whole other post)

Am I the only mom going through this on a daily basis? I really thought I was tired when she was a newborn but almost 2 is kicking my butt! 

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