Saturday, September 22, 2012


Y'all, it's midnight. My phone just rang for Don. I have some bad news. It was another woman. I defended Gloria's honor and told said female that Don was out with Gloria. Terry says I am getting in too deep. Men have been calling for him too. It's starting to get weird. We may have to change our number. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fearful Friday...

My mom is in the hospital. She has been sick for a few weeks and went to the doctor on Tuesday with sharp chest pain when she coughed. She was already on steroids and antibiotics and was only getting worse. So they admitted her.  Tests for pneumonia turned into tests for a heart attack and all sorts of other things. Turns out, she has acute viral bronchitis, costochondritis (breakdown of chest muscles due to coughing - pretty painful), and episodic asthma. My heart hurts not being able to be there with her and for my dad too.  I just have been having a hard time with it this week. I can't seem to get her off my mind. She did kinda crack me up yesterday talking a million words a minute. She's a little hyped up from all the steroids!

In addition to that, my Granny, who is my only living grandparent, has had shingles for a couple of weeks. It is extremely painful and I am so worried about her. We're talking about a lady who waited tables until she was 75 - she just doesn't really complain about pain. She has fallen a couple of times as well, and I just wish I was there with her. 
Madeline is doing much better other than cutting some major teeth. She is chomping on everything and drooling which she hasn't done in forever. She did manage to sleep in my bed twice this week. I loved every second of it...minus the second when she kicked me in the face. Don't think we'll be making habit of that! She sure is sweet when she's asleep though! 

It's been one of those weeks around here that has made me realize, I am totally ok with boring. The more boring, the better! We have a busy, fun weekend planned though and I can't wait to spend some family time together! Did I mention there are only 12 weeks of school until Christmas break? You know I'm counting! 

I'll leave you with two things - an encouraging scripture and one of my all time favorite you tube videos in honor of my momma!!!

Romans 15:13
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Total cry baby post...sorta. I picked Madeline up today after school and she had teary, goopy eyes. Umm, hello pink eye. The problem is it was 5pm, too late to go to her doctor so off to urgent care we went. In case you're counting, that's approximately every other day that we have been to the doctor in the past week. Of course the parking lot was full and there were no empty chairs in the lobby. I wanted to cry - literally. The nice receptionist suggested we go get something to eat and come back in an hour or so and she would hold our spot. She might as well have had a halo and wings. So we did and when we got back, we were in and out reasonably quick, especially for urgent care. 
Meanwhile, I texted my mom to let her know what was going on and how I just felt like everything would be better if she was here. I realize I am being a bit of a baby but between the 9 day stomach bug, a cold, teething, and then pink eye plus trying to not miss school or work, I am one beat momma. I may have had a teensy pity party for myself in my mind. Nothing major, just kind of an enough is enough type thought or two. Then my mom texted me about as much as I am hurting for Madeline, God hurts for her so much more, loves her more than I could ever imagine loving her, and is the ultimate Healer. Then I did cry - not like the ugly cry, just a few tears. (In case you havent figured it out yet, I am a crier!)  It kinda put it all in perspective. I guess sometimes I think I should only pray for kids with serious illnesses and tragedies but often times forget to lay all my burdens on Him. Nobody cares more. I left urgent care somewhat encouraged and armed with some antibiotic goop for my sweet girl.
Happy Monday! 

PS Kudos to all of you with more than one kid...I think you're amazing, especially when they're sick :(

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Not So Secret Sunday...

I just thought you all (all 3 of you) would want to keep up this season so since I didn't update you last week, here's what you need to know...

Alabama vs Michigan - W 41-14

Alabama vs Western Kentucky W 35-0

Alabama vs Arkansas W 52-0 (sorry, sad sooie pig)

I know y'all have been worried about it so I wanted you to be able to keep track! We are looking so good this year, but so is Terry's team, FSU. They're #4 and there's a lot of talk about them going to the BCS championship game. But for the record, Alabama is #1! :) And in case anyone is wondering, I have always loved Bama, even when they were terrible! 

I realize I live in the wrong state to post something like this...But I thought it was funny, and someone very dear to my heart, who is a major Texas fan rooted AGAINST us in the BCS championship game against LSU (or as I like to call them, satan's team) last year so it's pretty much only for her. I also don't hold grudges unless its Bama related! haha! 

What's New...

  • Madeline still has the stomach bug although it's better than it was. We went back to the doctor Friday to test for Rotavirus and the nurse told me to come prepared to stay in the hospital. So naturally, I packed a bag for us, and called Terry bawling my eyes out. But we got there and the doc thought she was pretty well hydrated so we got to come home. We (and by we, I mean I) have had to take some pretty gross stuff to the lab to be sure it wasn't anything serious.

  • Yesterday I saw two tiny tips of incisors in Madeline's mouth so I think that kinda explains why she is having such a hard time getting over this bug. She has never been a good teether, and word on the street (ok, really just one friend told me) is that incisors are the worst teeth to cut. I have no idea. 

  • I could never adequately describe the party I had in my head when I finished my last math class for my degree. Now we are doing dosage calculations in one of my classes and my nightmares are reoccurring! It's not terribly hard, just a lot of steps and you HAVE to make a 100% or you fail - not kidding. I mean, rightfully so, you get a gram and a microgram mixed up with a medication and that's pretty bad news. 

  • School is going well. I have to admit, I am a little ignorant. I didn't realize nurses did quite as much as they do, and some stuff freaks me out. It is just scary knowing someone else's life is literally in your hands. But I did my first clinical rotation last week and loved it. We are doing geriatrics this semester, and I just really have a heart for the elderly. I am not convinced that I won't end up working in geriatrics. I think they need more people who really care about the elderly. I don't know - I will probably say that after every rotation. But I really enjoyed it! On another note, I kinda feel like I am on a treadmill going 100mph that I can't get off of. I do hours of homework almost every day and still have plenty to do. It really is like having a full time job.

  •  On the bright side, I feel like I get more time with Madeline somehow. She really is becoming my little friend! Today she brought me the nail polish and said, "toes, pretty! Please?" How could I say no? So I painted her fingers and toes. I love that girl!

PS I realize how completely boring our lives are, hence, the lack of blogging!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Stomach Bug That Can't Be Squashed...

Madeline is going on 5 days with it. I don't typically let a little poo or vomit bother me, but I am a little anxious at this point. Terry took her to the pediatrician yesterday (yes, on his bday, poor guy) and we will be going back if she's not better tomorrow. She has lost a pound already and I am pretty sure is bordering on dehydration, despite me constantly shoving a sippy cup of Pedialyte in her face. Praying she feels better sooner than later! I hate it when my baby girl is sick! Not to mention, I have scrubbed more carpet, couch cushions, rugs, and washed more linens than I have all year! :) Motherhood brings a whole new meaning to the word humility!

Monday, September 10, 2012

What I Like About You...

31. The way you vacuum in straight lines 
30. Your honesty 
29. Your love for animals
28. Your love of candy - the more sugary and disgusting, the better
27. The intensity with which you watch a Liam Neeson movie
26. The way you just walked in here with your pants pulled up to your chest just to get my attention
25. How you humor me with all things party related and don't think twice about this being your birthday cake 
24. How much you love baseball cards still
23. How you can go from 31 to 12 in an instant when your friends ask you to play video games
22. how only you can justify spending $20 on a case of root beer and a box of ice cream cones
21. Watching you play golf
20. That you asked for this for your birthday dinner...
 19. the way you dress
18. Your laugh - the really hysterical's one of my all time favorite sounds
17. The way you look in uniform
16. Your artistic abilities
15. the way you have always thought I could do anything I wanted to have had a lot of faith in me 
14. how you manage to be sorest loser AND winner I have ever met 
13.  how you hate condiments but realize their importance in my life 
12. how you can make a that's what she said joke out of almost anything I say to you
11. the way you can make me feel like a kid again without even trying
10. your pretty blue eyes and perfect eyebrows
9. how smart you are and you know a little about almost everything 
8. how successful you have been in the Air Force
7. the way you laugh at my dumb jokes 
6. the way you always tell me everything is gonna be ok and somehow make me believe it
5. the way you love our sweet girl  and hang out with her like she's your friend
4. your integrity
3. your truck ( I really just put that in here for you) 
2. the way you've always been my best friend 
1. the way you love Jesus

There's probably a million and 31 things I love about you. I am so thankful that 31 years ago today, God put you here on earth. I love you!

Happy Birthday, Twayne!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

20 Months...

My Sweet Madeline, 

You are 20 months old!!! Which means I really kinda have to stop counting your age in months. I am giving myself until you are two to officially stop! 

You are basically the same size as last month although taller for sure. I am constantly trying to stretch your dresses to cover your long legs! Lucky! You are skinny and tall - you can thank Daddy for that! You wear pretty much all size 24 months now and some 2T. You wear size 6 shoe and size 4 diaper. 

A few monumental things happened for you this past month! You are sleeping in a big girl bed now! Much to my dismay, you didn't even fight it. I am still grieving the loss of your crib but I am sure I will get over it by the time you go to kindergarten! 

We went to see Nana and Papaw! You really had so much fun with them! Daddy and I left you overnight with them and you melted Papaw's heart. He said you were an angel! You are apparently much better when I'm not around! ;) 

You love, love, love playing games, rough-housing, wrestling, and just being crazy. Your personality is so fun and you make me laugh all the time! 

Your favorite song is "If You're Happy and You Know It" and you do this face and say "Happy, Happy, Happy" It's my favorite thing that you do right now! 

You are always trying to figure things out and play so good by yourself. If you want us to read to you,  you get your book and literally climb in our lap wherever we are no matter what we are doing. It is so sweet how much you love books! 

You haven't lost your love for anatomy and are adding new body parts all the time. Recently, you are obsessed with elbows and tongue. This is you showing Daddy his eye - you poked it pretty good! You are counting to four but you skip one a LOT. You can spot a circle anywhere, and know heart, diamond, oval, and star but you still don't say square, rectangle, or triangle. You say your colors all the time but I don't think you quite get it yet. You are still pretty hit and miss with them! You have shocked me though and started to recognize a couple of letters so Daddy and I are going with it and making your alphabet book. You talk all the time but don't speak in sentences. You comprehend SO much though. You are a smart cookie! 

We took you bowling and you had SO much fun! Papaw let you help him bowl! You only ran down the lane once when I wasn't paying attention! I almost busted my butt chasing you down that lane! 

You are so happy pretty much all the time! You sometimes get a little attitude but are easily corrected and really don't give us too much trouble...yet! I have to say this is my favorite age so far. It is just so fun to watch you learn, and to know you know who Daddy and I are. You also know who you are and will tell us your name. I love the way you say Madeline! 

You have recently gotten into character type things. You LOVE all things Elmo except Sesame Street which is kinda ironic I guess, you love Mickey Mouse, and you are OBSESSED with Little Einsteins. You beg to "batch" (sounds like "watch" with a B) it all the time! 

I never have to guess as to how to keep you entertained...just take you outside and you're good to go! 
 You discovered a love for playing the piano at Nana's house and entertained us all week with your beautiful music! Don't think Daddy and I will be buying a piano anytime soon! 

You are slightly obsessed with animals and think they're all your friends. I can't imagine where you get that but I love every second of it! 

You went to Disney World for the first time and it was so fun albeit a little overwhelming for you! You really had a blast! 

You are a mess, and if I am honest, you probably get away with more than you should. You have the sweetest laugh and smile and it melts me. Thankfully, Daddy lays down the law with you...most of the time! :) You two are quite the pair and hang out every weekend while I am at work. You are probably going to be a football watching, golfing, gamer before I finish school but that's ok. Daddy takes good care of you and you should know how much he loves you! If there is one thing I have figured out that I hate about parenting, it's how fast you are growing up. My heart swells with pride and yet aches a little with each new milestone. You have brought so much joy to our lives and we love you so much! 


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alphabet Book...

Terry is probably going to kill me for posting this...but he is making an alphabet book for Madeline. He is so artistic! He got this sketch pad that you plug into your computer and he can draw anything. This is what he has done so far and I think it is so stinkin cute! 

And, of course, E had to be this guy...
4 down...22 to go! :) 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life As We Know It...

My very best bud in San Angelo moved last weekend. We had a small going away party for them last Saturday night and it was probably the worst party I have ever thrown.  Steph and I spent the day together since it was pretty much the last chance we'd have to hang out so I didn't really do anything for the party except order this awesome cake!!! It said Wah Wah Wicks all the way around! I thought it was so funny and appropriate. I cried all day last Sunday to the point that I couldn't go to church and my head felt like it would explode. You would think being a military family for 10 years I would get used to it, but I don't. I just really hate change! I have high hopes they will be miserable and come back! :) 

Madeline had some of everyone's drink at the party! 

We had very sophisticated food like Cheetos! 

Madeline, Tucker, and Lexi played together and at some points it was like watching the WWE for toddlers. Lexi was usually on top but Madeline never cried...until Lexi tried on her shoes. Then she lost it!
*Notice there are no pictures of the adults. It was just too sad and ugly. Plus I barely remembered to even take pictures. I wasn't really in a picture snapping kind of mood!*

In other news, I started school last week and am in way over my head. I am completely overwhelmed! I finally got my books organized today. That shelf has 4 shelves and they are loaded with books, sorted by the day I have each class. I feel better just not having to look at them on my dining table! 

The above picture is the top of the shelf and below is the bottom. If it seems like an excessive amount of books, it is! There are SEVENTEEN! I almost cried when I added up how much they cost! 

 Finally, some other big news....Terry betrayed helped me and converted Madeline's bed to a toddler bed. I figured we would do it in December when she was closer to 2 but he did it on a whim last night while I was at work.  I don't think he realized the amount of emotional prep work I need to do for these kinds of things! I may have freaked completely out. I asked very logical questions like "what if she falls off during the middle of the night?" Terry didn't seem to think her falling three inches off the ground was a good reason to convert it back. I did put a giant comforter on the floor next to it so she would only fall 1/2 an inch if she did roll out.  I think what makes the whole thing sadder is that she just went to bed like normal last night. She did get up at naptime but I put her back in her bed and she went right to sleep. How is it possible that she is this big??? 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Big Day...Sad Day...

Today is a HUGE day for us! Okay, for me...Alabama plays Michigan in the first game of the season! I really wanted to go to the game but standing room only tickets were like $150 and it's just not worth that much money to me. But...I am still excited. Sadly, I have to work so I'll be watching in between waiting tables tonight. :(  

Cheer us on!!! It's a big game!!! Roll Tide!!!