Sunday, September 16, 2012

Not So Secret Sunday...

I just thought you all (all 3 of you) would want to keep up this season so since I didn't update you last week, here's what you need to know...

Alabama vs Michigan - W 41-14

Alabama vs Western Kentucky W 35-0

Alabama vs Arkansas W 52-0 (sorry, sad sooie pig)

I know y'all have been worried about it so I wanted you to be able to keep track! We are looking so good this year, but so is Terry's team, FSU. They're #4 and there's a lot of talk about them going to the BCS championship game. But for the record, Alabama is #1! :) And in case anyone is wondering, I have always loved Bama, even when they were terrible! 

I realize I live in the wrong state to post something like this...But I thought it was funny, and someone very dear to my heart, who is a major Texas fan rooted AGAINST us in the BCS championship game against LSU (or as I like to call them, satan's team) last year so it's pretty much only for her. I also don't hold grudges unless its Bama related! haha! 

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