Monday, September 10, 2012

What I Like About You...

31. The way you vacuum in straight lines 
30. Your honesty 
29. Your love for animals
28. Your love of candy - the more sugary and disgusting, the better
27. The intensity with which you watch a Liam Neeson movie
26. The way you just walked in here with your pants pulled up to your chest just to get my attention
25. How you humor me with all things party related and don't think twice about this being your birthday cake 
24. How much you love baseball cards still
23. How you can go from 31 to 12 in an instant when your friends ask you to play video games
22. how only you can justify spending $20 on a case of root beer and a box of ice cream cones
21. Watching you play golf
20. That you asked for this for your birthday dinner...
 19. the way you dress
18. Your laugh - the really hysterical's one of my all time favorite sounds
17. The way you look in uniform
16. Your artistic abilities
15. the way you have always thought I could do anything I wanted to have had a lot of faith in me 
14. how you manage to be sorest loser AND winner I have ever met 
13.  how you hate condiments but realize their importance in my life 
12. how you can make a that's what she said joke out of almost anything I say to you
11. the way you can make me feel like a kid again without even trying
10. your pretty blue eyes and perfect eyebrows
9. how smart you are and you know a little about almost everything 
8. how successful you have been in the Air Force
7. the way you laugh at my dumb jokes 
6. the way you always tell me everything is gonna be ok and somehow make me believe it
5. the way you love our sweet girl  and hang out with her like she's your friend
4. your integrity
3. your truck ( I really just put that in here for you) 
2. the way you've always been my best friend 
1. the way you love Jesus

There's probably a million and 31 things I love about you. I am so thankful that 31 years ago today, God put you here on earth. I love you!

Happy Birthday, Twayne!

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