Sunday, September 16, 2012

What's New...

  • Madeline still has the stomach bug although it's better than it was. We went back to the doctor Friday to test for Rotavirus and the nurse told me to come prepared to stay in the hospital. So naturally, I packed a bag for us, and called Terry bawling my eyes out. But we got there and the doc thought she was pretty well hydrated so we got to come home. We (and by we, I mean I) have had to take some pretty gross stuff to the lab to be sure it wasn't anything serious.

  • Yesterday I saw two tiny tips of incisors in Madeline's mouth so I think that kinda explains why she is having such a hard time getting over this bug. She has never been a good teether, and word on the street (ok, really just one friend told me) is that incisors are the worst teeth to cut. I have no idea. 

  • I could never adequately describe the party I had in my head when I finished my last math class for my degree. Now we are doing dosage calculations in one of my classes and my nightmares are reoccurring! It's not terribly hard, just a lot of steps and you HAVE to make a 100% or you fail - not kidding. I mean, rightfully so, you get a gram and a microgram mixed up with a medication and that's pretty bad news. 

  • School is going well. I have to admit, I am a little ignorant. I didn't realize nurses did quite as much as they do, and some stuff freaks me out. It is just scary knowing someone else's life is literally in your hands. But I did my first clinical rotation last week and loved it. We are doing geriatrics this semester, and I just really have a heart for the elderly. I am not convinced that I won't end up working in geriatrics. I think they need more people who really care about the elderly. I don't know - I will probably say that after every rotation. But I really enjoyed it! On another note, I kinda feel like I am on a treadmill going 100mph that I can't get off of. I do hours of homework almost every day and still have plenty to do. It really is like having a full time job.

  •  On the bright side, I feel like I get more time with Madeline somehow. She really is becoming my little friend! Today she brought me the nail polish and said, "toes, pretty! Please?" How could I say no? So I painted her fingers and toes. I love that girl!

PS I realize how completely boring our lives are, hence, the lack of blogging!

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