Thursday, September 6, 2012

20 Months...

My Sweet Madeline, 

You are 20 months old!!! Which means I really kinda have to stop counting your age in months. I am giving myself until you are two to officially stop! 

You are basically the same size as last month although taller for sure. I am constantly trying to stretch your dresses to cover your long legs! Lucky! You are skinny and tall - you can thank Daddy for that! You wear pretty much all size 24 months now and some 2T. You wear size 6 shoe and size 4 diaper. 

A few monumental things happened for you this past month! You are sleeping in a big girl bed now! Much to my dismay, you didn't even fight it. I am still grieving the loss of your crib but I am sure I will get over it by the time you go to kindergarten! 

We went to see Nana and Papaw! You really had so much fun with them! Daddy and I left you overnight with them and you melted Papaw's heart. He said you were an angel! You are apparently much better when I'm not around! ;) 

You love, love, love playing games, rough-housing, wrestling, and just being crazy. Your personality is so fun and you make me laugh all the time! 

Your favorite song is "If You're Happy and You Know It" and you do this face and say "Happy, Happy, Happy" It's my favorite thing that you do right now! 

You are always trying to figure things out and play so good by yourself. If you want us to read to you,  you get your book and literally climb in our lap wherever we are no matter what we are doing. It is so sweet how much you love books! 

You haven't lost your love for anatomy and are adding new body parts all the time. Recently, you are obsessed with elbows and tongue. This is you showing Daddy his eye - you poked it pretty good! You are counting to four but you skip one a LOT. You can spot a circle anywhere, and know heart, diamond, oval, and star but you still don't say square, rectangle, or triangle. You say your colors all the time but I don't think you quite get it yet. You are still pretty hit and miss with them! You have shocked me though and started to recognize a couple of letters so Daddy and I are going with it and making your alphabet book. You talk all the time but don't speak in sentences. You comprehend SO much though. You are a smart cookie! 

We took you bowling and you had SO much fun! Papaw let you help him bowl! You only ran down the lane once when I wasn't paying attention! I almost busted my butt chasing you down that lane! 

You are so happy pretty much all the time! You sometimes get a little attitude but are easily corrected and really don't give us too much trouble...yet! I have to say this is my favorite age so far. It is just so fun to watch you learn, and to know you know who Daddy and I are. You also know who you are and will tell us your name. I love the way you say Madeline! 

You have recently gotten into character type things. You LOVE all things Elmo except Sesame Street which is kinda ironic I guess, you love Mickey Mouse, and you are OBSESSED with Little Einsteins. You beg to "batch" (sounds like "watch" with a B) it all the time! 

I never have to guess as to how to keep you entertained...just take you outside and you're good to go! 
 You discovered a love for playing the piano at Nana's house and entertained us all week with your beautiful music! Don't think Daddy and I will be buying a piano anytime soon! 

You are slightly obsessed with animals and think they're all your friends. I can't imagine where you get that but I love every second of it! 

You went to Disney World for the first time and it was so fun albeit a little overwhelming for you! You really had a blast! 

You are a mess, and if I am honest, you probably get away with more than you should. You have the sweetest laugh and smile and it melts me. Thankfully, Daddy lays down the law with you...most of the time! :) You two are quite the pair and hang out every weekend while I am at work. You are probably going to be a football watching, golfing, gamer before I finish school but that's ok. Daddy takes good care of you and you should know how much he loves you! If there is one thing I have figured out that I hate about parenting, it's how fast you are growing up. My heart swells with pride and yet aches a little with each new milestone. You have brought so much joy to our lives and we love you so much! 


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