Friday, September 21, 2012

Fearful Friday...

My mom is in the hospital. She has been sick for a few weeks and went to the doctor on Tuesday with sharp chest pain when she coughed. She was already on steroids and antibiotics and was only getting worse. So they admitted her.  Tests for pneumonia turned into tests for a heart attack and all sorts of other things. Turns out, she has acute viral bronchitis, costochondritis (breakdown of chest muscles due to coughing - pretty painful), and episodic asthma. My heart hurts not being able to be there with her and for my dad too.  I just have been having a hard time with it this week. I can't seem to get her off my mind. She did kinda crack me up yesterday talking a million words a minute. She's a little hyped up from all the steroids!

In addition to that, my Granny, who is my only living grandparent, has had shingles for a couple of weeks. It is extremely painful and I am so worried about her. We're talking about a lady who waited tables until she was 75 - she just doesn't really complain about pain. She has fallen a couple of times as well, and I just wish I was there with her. 
Madeline is doing much better other than cutting some major teeth. She is chomping on everything and drooling which she hasn't done in forever. She did manage to sleep in my bed twice this week. I loved every second of it...minus the second when she kicked me in the face. Don't think we'll be making habit of that! She sure is sweet when she's asleep though! 

It's been one of those weeks around here that has made me realize, I am totally ok with boring. The more boring, the better! We have a busy, fun weekend planned though and I can't wait to spend some family time together! Did I mention there are only 12 weeks of school until Christmas break? You know I'm counting! 

I'll leave you with two things - an encouraging scripture and one of my all time favorite you tube videos in honor of my momma!!!

Romans 15:13
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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