Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Stomach Bug That Can't Be Squashed...

Madeline is going on 5 days with it. I don't typically let a little poo or vomit bother me, but I am a little anxious at this point. Terry took her to the pediatrician yesterday (yes, on his bday, poor guy) and we will be going back if she's not better tomorrow. She has lost a pound already and I am pretty sure is bordering on dehydration, despite me constantly shoving a sippy cup of Pedialyte in her face. Praying she feels better sooner than later! I hate it when my baby girl is sick! Not to mention, I have scrubbed more carpet, couch cushions, rugs, and washed more linens than I have all year! :) Motherhood brings a whole new meaning to the word humility!

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