Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life As We Know It...

My very best bud in San Angelo moved last weekend. We had a small going away party for them last Saturday night and it was probably the worst party I have ever thrown.  Steph and I spent the day together since it was pretty much the last chance we'd have to hang out so I didn't really do anything for the party except order this awesome cake!!! It said Wah Wah Wicks all the way around! I thought it was so funny and appropriate. I cried all day last Sunday to the point that I couldn't go to church and my head felt like it would explode. You would think being a military family for 10 years I would get used to it, but I don't. I just really hate change! I have high hopes they will be miserable and come back! :) 

Madeline had some of everyone's drink at the party! 

We had very sophisticated food like Cheetos! 

Madeline, Tucker, and Lexi played together and at some points it was like watching the WWE for toddlers. Lexi was usually on top but Madeline never cried...until Lexi tried on her shoes. Then she lost it!
*Notice there are no pictures of the adults. It was just too sad and ugly. Plus I barely remembered to even take pictures. I wasn't really in a picture snapping kind of mood!*

In other news, I started school last week and am in way over my head. I am completely overwhelmed! I finally got my books organized today. That shelf has 4 shelves and they are loaded with books, sorted by the day I have each class. I feel better just not having to look at them on my dining table! 

The above picture is the top of the shelf and below is the bottom. If it seems like an excessive amount of books, it is! There are SEVENTEEN! I almost cried when I added up how much they cost! 

 Finally, some other big news....Terry betrayed helped me and converted Madeline's bed to a toddler bed. I figured we would do it in December when she was closer to 2 but he did it on a whim last night while I was at work.  I don't think he realized the amount of emotional prep work I need to do for these kinds of things! I may have freaked completely out. I asked very logical questions like "what if she falls off during the middle of the night?" Terry didn't seem to think her falling three inches off the ground was a good reason to convert it back. I did put a giant comforter on the floor next to it so she would only fall 1/2 an inch if she did roll out.  I think what makes the whole thing sadder is that she just went to bed like normal last night. She did get up at naptime but I put her back in her bed and she went right to sleep. How is it possible that she is this big??? 

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  1. Love her owls in her room!! Can't believe how fast they grow!