Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

I've had a lot on my mind this Father's Day...

This is my dad and me a little less than a year ago before his surgery. I was terrified, and can't begin to imagine how he felt this morning. We celebrated his 56th birthday the night before at a swanky Orlando restaurant as a family. It was one of the best nights I can remember. But on this morning, I knew he was headed into a life changing operation. 

He came through the surgery just fine...the doctor even said he had a beautiful heart. No surprise there. This man who taught me to ride my bike, made me blue mickey mouse pancakes, and taught me how to plunder through drawers at the doctor's office loves Jesus and people more than anyone else I know. And I tend to think I know a lot of wonderful Jesus-loving people. He lived it every day - not just on Sundays. When he was wrong, he would get down on one knee, look me in the eye, apologize and tell me how much he loved me. He still listens to me ramble about random things that God lays heavy on my heart, and gives me advice that is better than anything I could get from a book. 

The trouble with loving someone so much is the fear that is attached to losing them. A gut wrenching, at times crippling fear. The day came when we almost did lose him. I guess I never blogged about it because I don't like remembering that day. The call came early in the morning a couple of days after his surgery. His lung had collapsed the day of surgery and now he had bilateral pulmonary emboli - blood clots to both lungs. Many times it's instantly fatal...I felt my whole world close in as I was at his bedside when the call came from the radiologist. I tried not to lose it but I did, not entirely because of his diagnosis but because he was holding my hand, breathing, and talking to me. I was in shock.

This became my spot that week - the good ol' green chairs in the ICU waiting room. My sister stayed in the chair next to me until she had to go home. When we would leave to go eat  I would claim my spot like this...

I strategically left my Bible open to "thou shalt not steal" :) 
My Bible became my best friend that week. 

His ICU room had an incredible view...and I said many prayers looking out this window. 

God saw fit to leave him here a little longer. Had God taken him that day, I couldn't have been mad about it. I've had more of a father in my 31 years than most people get in a lifetime. He has stored up his treasure in heaven, and sown relationships with my family that will continue to grow long after he's in heaven. Because those relationships are founded on Christ and unconditional love...unless it's football season! ;) 

Almost exactly one month later Madeline and I went with him and mom to his check-up. 

If there's anything sweeter than a dad and his daughter, it's a Papaw and his granddaughter. 

So on this Father's Day, I feel incredibly thankful to still have my sweet Daddy here. I have a better idea of fleeting life can be, and how sweet each day is. 

Dad - I know you'll read this. I hope you know how much you're loved. I hope you know that the legacy you live and will one day leave is Christ. I wish I could have been with you today, but you know my heart is with you! I love you...

Happy Father's Day! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Pick Me Up

Wednesday we had a bunch of errands to run. Let me just say, errands are NOT fun when the humidity is 100% and the temperature is over 90 degrees! 

Madeline had a doctor's appointment and we had a couple of stops after that. We went to Target to pick up a few things and to get balloons for Terry's dad. I let Madeline pick out one thing for being so good at the doctor and she picked $1 stick on earrings. #winning 

She was so proud! 

Target didn't have balloons so we stopped at Publix and then headed to Papaw's house! 

Terry's dad has started maintenance chemo which means he only has to go every three weeks now, but the dose is much stronger. He has been pretty tired so Madeline decided he definitely needed balloons! 

I mean, when did she grow up? 

We also brought cookies! How sweet are these two? 

And just for kicks...someone posted this on Facebook last week...

So I started Christmas shopping today. For's the first year I've actually started early. Now if I can just wait until Christmas to give the presents I've bought...and remember where I hide them! hah

Anyway, I picked up these awesome sunglasses for $2 at the Disney outlet and Madeline hasn't taken them off since I gave them to her. Do you know how hard it is to have a serious conversation with a 4 year old in these glasses? Impossible. 

Happy Friday! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Best Day

Madeline and I had our typical Tuesday yesterday. We slept in (a little for me, a lot for her) and cleaned the house. Then we headed to the was a red flag though and it was super hot so we didn't stay long. 

\We had fun while it's just too hot when you can't swim! 

We stopped on the way out to take a look at these birds who are nesting at the beach. They came at the end of March and large sections along the beach are roped off to protect them. They're called skimmers and they come here from South America to lay their eggs (thank you google)...they've started hatching now and they are everywhere. 

Terry thinks I am crazy but don't they look a little like Puffins? 

My pictures are pretty terrible even though I was pretty close to them. (I didn't cross the rope though!) They got SO mad when I got out of the car - this bird charged me and was screeching and then he pooped all over my car! #guessheshowedme #nopicturesplease

Guess that saying should be about a Mama Bird not Mama Bear! haha I was kinda terrified and when I got in the car Madeline said, "Why'd that bird try to kill you, Momma?" hahahahaha 

Here's the bird charging me! haha 

We came home and had a little quiet time before heading out to run a few errands. We went to the pool store, the grocery store, and to get our toes done. Madeline is really into picking two colors for her toes... 

 I happen to really like this color combo and those sweet toes! :) 

After dinner we snuggled up to watch a movie.

She picked Annie which is cute and she was interested for the first hour, then this both of us! I got up and put her in her bed and put myself to bed too! :) 

I LOVE Tuesdays! :) 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fun With Science

Haley and I go way back...I guess we've been friends for 25ish years. We have a mutual love of college football and Sonny's BBQ! :) Too bad she was led astray years ago to become a Razorback fan...

Anyway,  Haley came to visit last Sunday and stayed through the week. She hung out with Madeline a couple of days while Terry and I worked. They did all sorts of things from shopping, the library, swimming, and even the local science museum! To say Madeline had fun would be an understatement! 

*disclaimer* Madeline dressed herself...I'm sure the science museum people were impressed with her fancy get up! :) * 
I totally stole these from Haley's Facebook :) 

I mean, what is more fun than a wind tunnel? Look at all those accessories, purple nails, and how light her hair is getting!!! 

Haley and I got in some good girl time too. We went to see Pitch Perfect 2 - judge me all you want, I loved it! If nursing doesn't work out, I plan to start working on my acapella. We also had to hit up Sonny's and Hobby Lobby and before we knew it, it was time for her to go home. We were so glad she came to see us! 

Roll Tide, Haley! Love. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Weekend update

Last Tuesday, Stephanie texted me and asked if they could come for the weekend...I replied not yes, but heck yes! It's a long trip for a weekend but we made the most of it! I had to work Friday despite every effort I could make to get out of it. Steph texted me this picture on Friday of our kids playing in the pool...

Terry and Adam got to golf and then we went to eat at Crabs on the beach Friday night. It was the best night! We came home, swam and finally headed to bed.

Saturday we headed to the beach. Terry, Adam, and Ayden went fishing on the pier while we soaked up the sun and played in the waves. We had SO much fun! 


The girls left the beach and got snow cones, went to the dollar tree to get some party supplies, and to the grocery store. We grilled some good food and had a flamingo party! (aka that's what the dollar store had so that's what we bought!) We did get some pretty good little fireworks too at the dollar store. We grilled and swam and then headed back to the beach to walk the pier at sunset. We saw sea turtles and dolphins - it was so neat! I tried to take pictures but it was too dark. We came home and swam and Madeline fell asleep while I was holding her in the pool! haha 

The girls had a slumber party in the living room with Gizmo! 


Brynn has loved Madeline since she met her when Madeline was just a month old. I always joke that Brynn is her real mom because she takes over for me when she's around! :) Madeline adores Brynn and it makes my heart happy when they're together! #soulsisters

They left early Sunday morning, and Madeline bawled her little eyes out! It was so sad, but I was so happy they got to come! We are loving Florida but we haven't made friends like we did in Texas. Thankfully we have a pretty full summer of friends coming and going - summer 2015 may be our best one yet! :) 

Sunday afternoon, one of Terry's friends from work and his family came over to swim and grill. We wanted to try to get to know them better as they prepared for a 4 month deployment. Terry's friend deployed Monday, and his wife and two sweet kids will be here alone until he comes home in the fall. We'll be praying for his safe return and for his sweet wife and kids while he's gone! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Frank and Callie

Madeline has a couple of new friends....she's had a hard time adjusting to going to bed by herself in the new house. I think it stems from so much upheaval last year and all of us sharing one room for 5 months. She got a little attached. Polly was sleeping in her room which was working great until this week...Madeline didn't take it to well when Polly had to start sleeping in her kennel with the other dogs. 

So in a moment of desperation Tuesday night, I promised her we would go get a fish Wednesday if she would just stop crying and go to sleep. She just wants a sleeping buddy she says. So we went to the pet store and she ended up picking hermit crabs instead. We got two because the girl said they're social animals and they get lonely. Terry says that girl saw me coming from a mile away and knew I was a sucker. 

I know it's kinda bribery...but it worked. She loves them and I'm kinda fond of Callie - the green one. It's not shy and comes out of its shell when you pick it up. They don't make noise, they don't stink, and I only have to clean their cage once a month or so. Win, win! Madeline picked their names...go figure! 

Just for good measure, here's my little cutie pondering all the important things in her life, like what to name her pet hermit crabs and if I'll let her have candy before dinner....

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Last weekend my best friend from high school and her kids came over for lunch and swimming. I think its our love for Jesus and mexican food that has kept us close all these years! :) I am so thankful for her sweet family! 

Our babies - one year apart. Evie was born New Years Eve 2011. How cute is she?! 

Terry's family came over and swam that afternoon and by 5pm Madeline was falling apart. She had been in and out of the pool since 8:30 Saturday morning. #fishlife 

So we snuggled up and watched "Bolt", which might be the worst Disney movie of all time. I may have snoozed a little while she watched and ate popcorn! 

Madeline wasn't the only one that like the movie....Phoebe loves TV, especially when dogs are involved! 

Sunday morning we found these guys under our umbrella, ella, ella, eh eh. Sorry couldn't resist. They stayed there ALL day! 

We've also been rescuing turtles...the wildlife just doesn't stop around here! haha Terry brought this guy home from work and sat him on the couch for Madeline to check him out. #ewww

How cute is Terry in uniform? Even though I had to sanitize the couch, it was worth the fun of taking him to the "woods" (the wooded lot at the end of the street) and letting him go. 

We didn't do Sunday dinner...we had to run a bunch of errands Sunday afternoon and I wasn't feeling too hot. I did make some pretty good grilled chicken sandwiches for dinner though! Chicken, provolone, turkey bacon, and good! 

That's about it...we are loving summer!