Thursday, June 4, 2015

Frank and Callie

Madeline has a couple of new friends....she's had a hard time adjusting to going to bed by herself in the new house. I think it stems from so much upheaval last year and all of us sharing one room for 5 months. She got a little attached. Polly was sleeping in her room which was working great until this week...Madeline didn't take it to well when Polly had to start sleeping in her kennel with the other dogs. 

So in a moment of desperation Tuesday night, I promised her we would go get a fish Wednesday if she would just stop crying and go to sleep. She just wants a sleeping buddy she says. So we went to the pet store and she ended up picking hermit crabs instead. We got two because the girl said they're social animals and they get lonely. Terry says that girl saw me coming from a mile away and knew I was a sucker. 

I know it's kinda bribery...but it worked. She loves them and I'm kinda fond of Callie - the green one. It's not shy and comes out of its shell when you pick it up. They don't make noise, they don't stink, and I only have to clean their cage once a month or so. Win, win! Madeline picked their names...go figure! 

Just for good measure, here's my little cutie pondering all the important things in her life, like what to name her pet hermit crabs and if I'll let her have candy before dinner....