Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Last weekend my best friend from high school and her kids came over for lunch and swimming. I think its our love for Jesus and mexican food that has kept us close all these years! :) I am so thankful for her sweet family! 

Our babies - one year apart. Evie was born New Years Eve 2011. How cute is she?! 

Terry's family came over and swam that afternoon and by 5pm Madeline was falling apart. She had been in and out of the pool since 8:30 Saturday morning. #fishlife 

So we snuggled up and watched "Bolt", which might be the worst Disney movie of all time. I may have snoozed a little while she watched and ate popcorn! 

Madeline wasn't the only one that like the movie....Phoebe loves TV, especially when dogs are involved! 

Sunday morning we found these guys under our umbrella, ella, ella, eh eh. Sorry couldn't resist. They stayed there ALL day! 

We've also been rescuing turtles...the wildlife just doesn't stop around here! haha Terry brought this guy home from work and sat him on the couch for Madeline to check him out. #ewww

How cute is Terry in uniform? Even though I had to sanitize the couch, it was worth the fun of taking him to the "woods" (the wooded lot at the end of the street) and letting him go. 

We didn't do Sunday dinner...we had to run a bunch of errands Sunday afternoon and I wasn't feeling too hot. I did make some pretty good grilled chicken sandwiches for dinner though! Chicken, provolone, turkey bacon, and good! 

That's about it...we are loving summer! 

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  1. Love all the wildlife!! I'm sure Madeline does too!! Terry looks so good in his uniform!! ;)