Thursday, June 11, 2015

Weekend update

Last Tuesday, Stephanie texted me and asked if they could come for the weekend...I replied not yes, but heck yes! It's a long trip for a weekend but we made the most of it! I had to work Friday despite every effort I could make to get out of it. Steph texted me this picture on Friday of our kids playing in the pool...

Terry and Adam got to golf and then we went to eat at Crabs on the beach Friday night. It was the best night! We came home, swam and finally headed to bed.

Saturday we headed to the beach. Terry, Adam, and Ayden went fishing on the pier while we soaked up the sun and played in the waves. We had SO much fun! 


The girls left the beach and got snow cones, went to the dollar tree to get some party supplies, and to the grocery store. We grilled some good food and had a flamingo party! (aka that's what the dollar store had so that's what we bought!) We did get some pretty good little fireworks too at the dollar store. We grilled and swam and then headed back to the beach to walk the pier at sunset. We saw sea turtles and dolphins - it was so neat! I tried to take pictures but it was too dark. We came home and swam and Madeline fell asleep while I was holding her in the pool! haha 

The girls had a slumber party in the living room with Gizmo! 


Brynn has loved Madeline since she met her when Madeline was just a month old. I always joke that Brynn is her real mom because she takes over for me when she's around! :) Madeline adores Brynn and it makes my heart happy when they're together! #soulsisters

They left early Sunday morning, and Madeline bawled her little eyes out! It was so sad, but I was so happy they got to come! We are loving Florida but we haven't made friends like we did in Texas. Thankfully we have a pretty full summer of friends coming and going - summer 2015 may be our best one yet! :) 

Sunday afternoon, one of Terry's friends from work and his family came over to swim and grill. We wanted to try to get to know them better as they prepared for a 4 month deployment. Terry's friend deployed Monday, and his wife and two sweet kids will be here alone until he comes home in the fall. We'll be praying for his safe return and for his sweet wife and kids while he's gone! 

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