Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Long Goodbye

Since Monday was a holiday, Terry and I decided to put down new flooring in Madeline's room. It's the last room in the house we needed to do , so we finally got it done. It looks SO much better! Carpet is nice unless you have pets and allergies. So we are officially carpet free finally!

I also rearranged her room to the way it was when she was a baby and I like it so much better. I am going to move the glider out at some point but it hurts my heart just thinking about her being too big for it!

 The closet!
See that cute owl chair? She has another one in pink and Terry is supposed to make a table to go with them. I think that will replace the glider eventually. Oh my girl is too big!!!

My next project is to attempt to sort the 1.6 billion toys in her playroom. She got so much stuff for Christmas and her birthday and it's a little overwhelming in the playroom right now. (for both of us) I guess these are good problems to have - we are beyond blessed.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of TImes...

Well, after spending about 20 of the past 24 hours asleep (or throwing up), I am back in the land of the living today. Terry and I got the WORST stomach bug ever. I mean I kinda consider myself a puking champ since being pregnant with Madeline (I know you're jealous) but this bug was the worst thing I have ever experienced. I think its the first time I've ever had a headache of migraine proportions and body ache with the stomach issues. Thankfully, mine started Thursday night and Terry took Madeline to daycare for me (after I called him at work crying because I literally couldn't move). But poor Terry got it right as he walked in the door from work. It was a miserable Friday around here. Thank the Lord Madeline hasn't gotten it. 

Anyway, I'm writing this post to get you thinking/praying about a couple of things. I was invited to go to the annual leadership conference for Project Humanity next weekend in San Antonio. It was all I could do not to jump up and down like I was on the Price is Right when he (the CEO) offered and told me its all expenses paid minus getting myself there. I am hoping to become much more involved with PH - I do NOT want to go to Kenya, come home and it just be a great experience. I want to make this part of my life. 

Here is where you come in. The work that PH does in Kenya is three fold. The medical clinic is part of their mission, but they are also working on a school there as well as a project to provide support and counseling for drug addiction there. Addiction is a major problem there and you can imagine how many resources the people there have access to when they're struggling. The thing I love about PH is they are not just taking trips over to Kenya, dropping off supplies, and leaving. They are providing supplies and care but they are also educating these people in hopes that they can begin to sustain themselves. Ok - sorry for the rabbit trail. I need your help - I am going to be getting together a list of school and medical supplies needed over there, and I am asking you to ask everyone you know to please donate. Let's be real - a box of chalk at walmart is 47cents. I am also going to be setting up a website where monetary donations can be made to my trip. I am hoping to raise the funds I need to go and at least $1,000 over that for supplies. I have one school interested in doing a school supply drive - if you can think of any who would be willing to do this as well, PLEASE let me know. No donation is too small. We are also going to try to skype the kids in said school with the kids in Kenya so they can "meet". How awesome is that?!! 

I would also like to collect some jewelry for the girls over there and some sort of ball for each of the boys over there. I was in Claire's the other day and it just struck me how much they may like that. I will find out the logistics of doing that next weekend and keep you posted. I just know we have so many supplies to take so I'm not sure how toys will fit into the equation. 

So please be praying, and if you can help, please let me know!

Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you?  When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’
 The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

Matthew 25:37-40

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Worries Wednesday

That's actually the title a new special at Outback where 2 people eat for so much money. Glad I don't work Wednesdays now! But it's not a bad deal if you're in the mood for Outback on a Wednesday! :) 

Anyway, this week has been busy, busy, busy! Back to school which means waking up at a dreadful hour every morning and going ALL DAY LONG on Mondays and Tuesdays. I decided to work Tuesday nights this semester so I can take off Saturdays. I got so burned out going to school all week and working all weekend every weekend last semester. We almost never had family time and I decided it just wasn't worth it so I'll be working Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights if you wanna come see me! 

School is so far so good. I LOVE my clinical instructor and am super excited about my rotation this semester - I also am liking the lecture component, Adult Health. But it's gonna be a heck of a class knowing basically everything that can go wrong and the nursing intervention for each problem. I'm still pretty pumped about it though. I can't say the same for my research class or my health policy class. I'm just not excited about either - but am sure I will learn a lot. I think on some level it's good to do things you hate! ha! 

My actual in class time is only 3 days a week this semester so I'm excited about that too - if I can get through Monday and Tuesday, the rest of the week won't be too bad I hope. I only have class for 2 hours on Thursdays and am off Wednesdays and Fridays. Yea!!!! 

In other news, I think I am gonna start a weekly injury post for Madeline! Check out this week's injury! 

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!!! It looks so much better today - it happened Sunday night. Then Monday at daycare a kid scratched the right side of her face with their hand and she looked like she had been in a street fight. My poor baby! 

In other incredibly boring news,  I got new bedding. I am insane and boldly chose white because I couldn't find one thing that I loved that was in my budget. When you have a toddler and 4 dogs, you don't spend a lot on bedding, even though I try to keep them off of it, you never can tell. Anyway, I kinda pieced together what I wanted and after debating for a month, finally settled on white with different accent pillows. And after a whole week - it's still sparkling white!!! 

One thing I find SO annoying about King size comforters is they're never long enough. I need a bed skirt too but that will take another month I'm sure to find. I think it's cute though and it really brightened up our room. 

And if you're still awake after this exciting post, check out the cutest napper ever! 

Isn't this so sad?! She has gotten in the habit of playing and then getting in her bed and taking her nap. I  actually think its a good thing because she is learning to entertain herself, and she also has to clean up her room when she gets up. Well, last week she started sleeping in her chair and then today I checked on her after she got really quiet and this is what I found! My sweet baby!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snow Fun!!!

It snowed last week and Madeline, the dogs, and I played outside until we couldn't feel our faces or fingers (paws) anymore! The snow makes our dogs so crazy and it makes me laugh! Madeline cared mostly about eating the snow and I could not get her to smile at me for anything! 

If I had a dollar for every time I heard "Yummy snow!"....

Polly loves the snow the most by far and this picture makes me smile. She was going crazy! 

Phoebe - not as big of a fan of the snow. She stayed on the deck most of the time we were out.

Zoe - strange, strange little dog but we love her anyway. But if you know of anyone who wants a dog...just kidding. Sorta. 

Look at those pretty teeth!!! 


Gizmo peeling out in the snow - cracks me up! 

 You can see one of Madeline's gloves in this picture - she refused to keep them on though and then would cry because her hands were cold. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Milestone Monday!!!

Madeline got her first haircut! 

I really expected a major meltdown but she never did cry. I did have to hold her and it was a little tricky getting her to stay still but she did it. It looks so cute and she looks to grown up! 

Before - a little mullety (that's a real adjective)

After - not the best picture but it's in a little bob at her shoulders. It is precious! 

We went to the park later that day and it was FREEZING! Madeline decided she was big enough to go down this huge slide and calls it "the baby slide". I am in so much trouble - she just really isn't scared of much! 

Monday night we went to some friends' house to watch the BIG game. They are Notre Dame fans so I brought them this nice cake! :)  In all fairness they made us eat off of Notre Dame plates so I thought this was only fair! 

When we were at the mall picking up the cake, I let Madeline ride one of the rides there. I let her ride once just about every time we go and she is pretty good about getting off when it's over. Well, Monday night she threw a small fit but got off the ride. I had the cake in one hand and her hand in my other hand and when we went to walk away from the rides, she did the limp body thing and threw herself on the ground. I heard a little pop but really didn't think anything of it. She wouldn't use her arm the rest of the night but I kinda thought she was being dramatic. Well, then she couldn't sleep - she was up all night crying off and on because it hurt. She was saying in her sleep "hand hurt". I knew I better take her to get it looked at. Sure enough she dislocated her radius at the elbow. They call it nurse maid's elbow and they just popped it back into place at the doctor's office. It was awful but within 5 minutes she was totally fine and using her arm again. Apparently, it's not all that uncommon because their little tendons and ligaments aren't fully formed so that bone can pop out fairly easily at this age. I felt terrible for her and a little guilty that I didn't just let go of her hand when she threw the fit. Knowing our luck, if I had let go, she would have cracked her head open or something. Oh well...I feel like she is kinda my payback for all the trips to the ER/doctor I put my parents through! 

And of course, I have to mention that ALABAMA WON!!! We didn't just win though - we killed Notre Dame. Better to be good than lucky!!!  Roll Tide!