Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Worries Wednesday

That's actually the title a new special at Outback where 2 people eat for so much money. Glad I don't work Wednesdays now! But it's not a bad deal if you're in the mood for Outback on a Wednesday! :) 

Anyway, this week has been busy, busy, busy! Back to school which means waking up at a dreadful hour every morning and going ALL DAY LONG on Mondays and Tuesdays. I decided to work Tuesday nights this semester so I can take off Saturdays. I got so burned out going to school all week and working all weekend every weekend last semester. We almost never had family time and I decided it just wasn't worth it so I'll be working Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights if you wanna come see me! 

School is so far so good. I LOVE my clinical instructor and am super excited about my rotation this semester - I also am liking the lecture component, Adult Health. But it's gonna be a heck of a class knowing basically everything that can go wrong and the nursing intervention for each problem. I'm still pretty pumped about it though. I can't say the same for my research class or my health policy class. I'm just not excited about either - but am sure I will learn a lot. I think on some level it's good to do things you hate! ha! 

My actual in class time is only 3 days a week this semester so I'm excited about that too - if I can get through Monday and Tuesday, the rest of the week won't be too bad I hope. I only have class for 2 hours on Thursdays and am off Wednesdays and Fridays. Yea!!!! 

In other news, I think I am gonna start a weekly injury post for Madeline! Check out this week's injury! 

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!!! It looks so much better today - it happened Sunday night. Then Monday at daycare a kid scratched the right side of her face with their hand and she looked like she had been in a street fight. My poor baby! 

In other incredibly boring news,  I got new bedding. I am insane and boldly chose white because I couldn't find one thing that I loved that was in my budget. When you have a toddler and 4 dogs, you don't spend a lot on bedding, even though I try to keep them off of it, you never can tell. Anyway, I kinda pieced together what I wanted and after debating for a month, finally settled on white with different accent pillows. And after a whole week - it's still sparkling white!!! 

One thing I find SO annoying about King size comforters is they're never long enough. I need a bed skirt too but that will take another month I'm sure to find. I think it's cute though and it really brightened up our room. 

And if you're still awake after this exciting post, check out the cutest napper ever! 

Isn't this so sad?! She has gotten in the habit of playing and then getting in her bed and taking her nap. I  actually think its a good thing because she is learning to entertain herself, and she also has to clean up her room when she gets up. Well, last week she started sleeping in her chair and then today I checked on her after she got really quiet and this is what I found! My sweet baby!!!

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