Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Long Goodbye

Since Monday was a holiday, Terry and I decided to put down new flooring in Madeline's room. It's the last room in the house we needed to do , so we finally got it done. It looks SO much better! Carpet is nice unless you have pets and allergies. So we are officially carpet free finally!

I also rearranged her room to the way it was when she was a baby and I like it so much better. I am going to move the glider out at some point but it hurts my heart just thinking about her being too big for it!

 The closet!
See that cute owl chair? She has another one in pink and Terry is supposed to make a table to go with them. I think that will replace the glider eventually. Oh my girl is too big!!!

My next project is to attempt to sort the 1.6 billion toys in her playroom. She got so much stuff for Christmas and her birthday and it's a little overwhelming in the playroom right now. (for both of us) I guess these are good problems to have - we are beyond blessed.

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  1. It looks so nice. I've always liked her room, you know the owls!! :) Her closet looks BIG!!