Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Milestone Monday!!!

Madeline got her first haircut! 

I really expected a major meltdown but she never did cry. I did have to hold her and it was a little tricky getting her to stay still but she did it. It looks so cute and she looks to grown up! 

Before - a little mullety (that's a real adjective)

After - not the best picture but it's in a little bob at her shoulders. It is precious! 

We went to the park later that day and it was FREEZING! Madeline decided she was big enough to go down this huge slide and calls it "the baby slide". I am in so much trouble - she just really isn't scared of much! 

Monday night we went to some friends' house to watch the BIG game. They are Notre Dame fans so I brought them this nice cake! :)  In all fairness they made us eat off of Notre Dame plates so I thought this was only fair! 

When we were at the mall picking up the cake, I let Madeline ride one of the rides there. I let her ride once just about every time we go and she is pretty good about getting off when it's over. Well, Monday night she threw a small fit but got off the ride. I had the cake in one hand and her hand in my other hand and when we went to walk away from the rides, she did the limp body thing and threw herself on the ground. I heard a little pop but really didn't think anything of it. She wouldn't use her arm the rest of the night but I kinda thought she was being dramatic. Well, then she couldn't sleep - she was up all night crying off and on because it hurt. She was saying in her sleep "hand hurt". I knew I better take her to get it looked at. Sure enough she dislocated her radius at the elbow. They call it nurse maid's elbow and they just popped it back into place at the doctor's office. It was awful but within 5 minutes she was totally fine and using her arm again. Apparently, it's not all that uncommon because their little tendons and ligaments aren't fully formed so that bone can pop out fairly easily at this age. I felt terrible for her and a little guilty that I didn't just let go of her hand when she threw the fit. Knowing our luck, if I had let go, she would have cracked her head open or something. Oh well...I feel like she is kinda my payback for all the trips to the ER/doctor I put my parents through! 

And of course, I have to mention that ALABAMA WON!!! We didn't just win though - we killed Notre Dame. Better to be good than lucky!!!  Roll Tide! 

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  1. This is what I get for not talking to you last night!! I didn't even see her hair cut!! It looks good, and I'm sure better in person!!! And I feel so bad about her arm; glad it's better!!

    I was rootin' for Alabama!! But, I can't remember why you like them??!!