Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Best Day

Madeline and I had our typical Tuesday yesterday. We slept in (a little for me, a lot for her) and cleaned the house. Then we headed to the was a red flag though and it was super hot so we didn't stay long. 

\We had fun while it's just too hot when you can't swim! 

We stopped on the way out to take a look at these birds who are nesting at the beach. They came at the end of March and large sections along the beach are roped off to protect them. They're called skimmers and they come here from South America to lay their eggs (thank you google)...they've started hatching now and they are everywhere. 

Terry thinks I am crazy but don't they look a little like Puffins? 

My pictures are pretty terrible even though I was pretty close to them. (I didn't cross the rope though!) They got SO mad when I got out of the car - this bird charged me and was screeching and then he pooped all over my car! #guessheshowedme #nopicturesplease

Guess that saying should be about a Mama Bird not Mama Bear! haha I was kinda terrified and when I got in the car Madeline said, "Why'd that bird try to kill you, Momma?" hahahahaha 

Here's the bird charging me! haha 

We came home and had a little quiet time before heading out to run a few errands. We went to the pool store, the grocery store, and to get our toes done. Madeline is really into picking two colors for her toes... 

 I happen to really like this color combo and those sweet toes! :) 

After dinner we snuggled up to watch a movie.

She picked Annie which is cute and she was interested for the first hour, then this both of us! I got up and put her in her bed and put myself to bed too! :) 

I LOVE Tuesdays! :) 

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