Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

This article stood out to me about the significance of Memorial 

Get out the many sacrifices for this great nation.

Terry gets a 4 day weekend for every holiday so he started his weekend on Friday with a going away party for one of his coworkers. I had to work and when I got home, I was so moved by seeing all these men who serve our country gathered around our patio laughing and having a good time. I think because the military is our every day life, I don't recognize it as much. I am so proud of Terry though, and the friends we've made because of his career. The guys he works with here are a pretty stellar group of men, and I am so thankful for such a great group of guys he gets to surround himself with every day. 

The party went well but since I was at work there aren't any pictures...just before everyone left Madeline did fall in the pool with her clothes and boots (yes, boots...she likes to mix it up) on and we may have laughed a little. It was on the steps though and in almost slow motion...she was trying to get a frisbee out of the pool and just lost her balance. It was the first time I've ever seen her really embarrassed and I felt bad for her. Side note...I rode my bike into our pool when I was a kid and it was winter time so it was full of algae and GREEN! It was so gross and my dad helped me out and then laughed hysterically. I mean, how do you ride a bike into a pool? haha 

And this morning, this happened...

Poor guy...we don't leave them outside because of this. He can't see very well and this morning took an accidental dip in the pool. He's a great swimmer though! 

Anyway, Saturday Madeline's friend Ellie came over and I laid mulch in the flower bed while Terry and his friend and the girls swam. My hamstrings are still mad at me! I had to carry the bags from the back yard to the front yard and when I was going back to shut the gate I almost stepped on a SNAKE! Snakes are pretty rampant here but it was just a black snake so we just let him go. Maybe he'll help control the frog epidemic!

Saturday night Terry took us to the movies! We ate dinner at Panera Bread and saw Home. It was cute and we had such a good time! 

My sweet girl chose a muffin and chips for dinner. #momoftheyear

Sunday Terry's dad and aunt came over for our normal Sunday dinner. We were going to do a party to celebrate no more chemo and radiation but he really wasn't feeling up for that so it was just us. 

It suited this girl just fine to get Papaw all to herself! 

I know you're dying to know....the menu was fried chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and coca-cola cake! #healthy

I tried to copy that coca-cola cake from Cracker Barrel and came pretty close. It was on point! 

After Terry's dad left, these two went for a late night swim. I finally made them get out a little after little fish family! 

Monday, Terry's cousin, Tara and her kids came over and we swam and grilled and laughed and laughed and laughed. We played pool games and it was like being a kid again! I took this picture of Madeline before they got here and that was the last time I picked up my phone! #itwasagoodday

She looks like a beach bum in this picture! 

It was a great weekend! 


  1. Madeline looks SO BIG in that last picture!! What a sweetheart!! I love the night swimming!! We got a pool up here; a little redneck compared to yours. I 'll have to blog about it! ;)