Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Today's Post Brought to You By the Letter B....

AKA...This post is a hot mess of life lately! :) 

Backyard BBQ....Terry's family came over Sunday afternoon. We grilled and they brought all kinds of delicious salads. The kids swam until they could barely hold their eyes open at 7pm. haha For my new Sunday recipe I made strawberry shortcake with homemade sour cream pound cake...I gave it away when they left so I wouldn't eat it all! Again I failed at taking good pictures but I did get three! hah I love Sundays!!! 

Blooms...we planted a magnolia tree in our front yard and it's been struggling. It got some kind of fungus so we've been spraying it with some special spray and making sure it gets plenty of water. I don't get really passionate about plants and trees but I love Magnolia trees. I really was bummed thinking it was gonna die, but when we got back in town last week, this was waiting for me! 

Boy....our dogs sleep in their kennel, except for Polly who sleeps with Madeline. Somehow this sweet boy made it into my bed. He was not happy when I made the bed and he had to get up! 

Bottom...when we first filled the pool, Madeline was a little apprehensive about swimming. I think part of it was because it was kinda cold, but we were a little worried. She had just started swimming at the end of last summer, and I was hoping she would pick it up. It took her a couple of weeks, but she is like a fish now. She touched the bottom this week, swims all over without her floaty, and is getting pretty good at treading water with her head up. Sunday I made her put her floaty back on because she was so tired, and she got so mad at me that she just got out of the pool. Even though we were in the pool with her, she was making me nervous plus there were so many people here. Guess it won't be the last time she gets that mad at me! 

Beauty...I've never been good at any kind of beauty regimen, but lately I feel like I am aging fast! haha I went to Ulta and they recommended this line since I still have trouble with keeping my skin clear and am 31 (aka getting wrinkles!). So far, I love it. I also bought some eye cream for bedtime. #officiallyold

I also have been using this foot cream for about a year now. I am on my feet the majority of my 12 hour shifts at work, plus I love wearing flip flops. However, I can't stand crusty feet so I bought this and it's the BEST foot lotion ever.  I actually like the foot balm  better than the heel repair but they're both amazing. My feet love me for it. It also helps after a sunburn...Twayne loves it too! :) 

Bugs...I know it's not official on the calendar but in my book summer is here. So are the bugs...mosquitoes, gnats, love bugs, you name it. And unfortunately Florida has the nastiest roaches of all time - please don't call them water bugs - they are ROACHES! Thankfully, we've only seen one but that's enough for me. I do think the plague of frogs helps keep the bugs down but I just forgot about all the bugs here. I don't use the term frog plague lightly...they really are everywhere. I opened the grill Sunday and saw this...

There was another one on the propane tank...not the best hiding place if you ask me. I'm scared to think about how many I may have grilled already. #ewww

Buddy....Phoebe is our least affectionate dog but since I am home more, she seems to be a little attached to me. I had to run get propane Sunday because we ran out while I was grilling (oops!) and she hopped in the car with me. She is a dummy but she is SO cute! 

Baby...I found this picture of Madeline at my parent's house when we were there and oh my word. Where did the time go? I registered her for Pre-K, and every time I think about it, tears sting the back of my eyes. I cannot believe she is ready for school. It's only 3 hours a day but still...what am I gonna do with myself? (besides catch up on netflix, clean my closet, clean my garage, yard work...maybe I'll find something to do ;) I do plan on soaking up every second of this summer with her! 

Blessed...Terry's dad has his last round of chemo and radiation this week. He is pretty tired but overall doing okay. He'll have repeat scans to check on the progress of things, but so far all signs point to good news. The cancer has been shrinking. Praise the Lord! Keep him in your prayers! 

Boring...it's over now! :) That's what happens when I don't blog for a week! 

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