Thursday, May 21, 2015


My second favorite day of the week is probably Tuesday. I'm almost always off on Tuesdays and it's the perfect day to catch up on things around the house and spend time with Madeline just the two of us. 

I don't want to alarm anyone, but I can no longer sleep late. For real...I don't know if its from working day shift and being up so early on work days or the Florida sunshine, but I never sleep past 7 anymore. Tuesday I could have sworn I had slept until 9:30 and rolled over to see it was 6:21 and I was wide awake! I got up washed all the sheets, cleaned the house, put away laundry, and made breakfast by 8am. haha So after breakfast when Madeline asked to go to the beach, I really had no reason to say no! 

I made these for breakfast...

Pineapple muffins...honestly not my favorite. I love pineapple but only fresh and by itself. These were super easy though and Madeline liked them. 

It was gorgeous at the beach Tuesday...

Madeline was rocking her mismatched bathing suit and sunglasses! 

She pretty much lives her life with 50 spf sunscreen on and she is already SO tan!

Total ham for any camera these days!

She likes for me to count to 3 so she can see how fast she can run down the beach....

After the beach, we stopped at the nail place so I could get my eyebrows waxed and Madeline got her toes painted. I am loving this little nail place by our house...they are so good to Madeline. They did tell her she was gonna have to do some work for them for getting sand everywhere! :) 

After that we ran to the grocery store for just a couple of things and we made these blueberry lemon bars which were delicious. I need to find a hobby besides cooking....haha

Soaking up these sweet days with my girl. I am really loving this age...she's big enough that doing stuff is more fun than it is work but little enough that she still needs me! 


  1. You are hilarious!! So sad you can't sleep late anymore!! She's living the good life just going around town in her swimsuit and cover up!! Wish I could do that!! Ha!