Monday, September 17, 2012


Total cry baby post...sorta. I picked Madeline up today after school and she had teary, goopy eyes. Umm, hello pink eye. The problem is it was 5pm, too late to go to her doctor so off to urgent care we went. In case you're counting, that's approximately every other day that we have been to the doctor in the past week. Of course the parking lot was full and there were no empty chairs in the lobby. I wanted to cry - literally. The nice receptionist suggested we go get something to eat and come back in an hour or so and she would hold our spot. She might as well have had a halo and wings. So we did and when we got back, we were in and out reasonably quick, especially for urgent care. 
Meanwhile, I texted my mom to let her know what was going on and how I just felt like everything would be better if she was here. I realize I am being a bit of a baby but between the 9 day stomach bug, a cold, teething, and then pink eye plus trying to not miss school or work, I am one beat momma. I may have had a teensy pity party for myself in my mind. Nothing major, just kind of an enough is enough type thought or two. Then my mom texted me about as much as I am hurting for Madeline, God hurts for her so much more, loves her more than I could ever imagine loving her, and is the ultimate Healer. Then I did cry - not like the ugly cry, just a few tears. (In case you havent figured it out yet, I am a crier!)  It kinda put it all in perspective. I guess sometimes I think I should only pray for kids with serious illnesses and tragedies but often times forget to lay all my burdens on Him. Nobody cares more. I left urgent care somewhat encouraged and armed with some antibiotic goop for my sweet girl.
Happy Monday! 

PS Kudos to all of you with more than one kid...I think you're amazing, especially when they're sick :(

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  1. We all feel like that so many times, but I just think you are an awesome mom!!

    Hope she's better soon!!