Monday, January 23, 2012

Today's Post Brought to You By the Letter B...

B is for...

Baby shower that I am planning for later in February. I have been working on it today, and I can't wait! I just love parties and people and food! I just went to an adorable one on Saturday for my friend Kaci. She is having a boy in March! She is doing her nursery in The Very Hungry Caterpillar  and the shower was too cute! If I was a better friend, I would have a picture of it, but, in my defense it was at 10am. We all know that might as well be dawn in my house! hah

Budget Terry and I are attempting to save money and cut expenses. I went to grab dinner last night after a quick trip to Walmart and pulled out of the line thinking about how much food we have at home and what a waste it is to spend money eating out. 

Bye-Bye In reference to the above statement, yesterday we said bye-bye to our iphones and hello to ghetto go phones. They are SO much cheaper and only in spoiled America do we care about what kind of cell phone we have.

Better planner is what I need to be. I was constantly looking up numbers to places and directions on my phone. I am going to have to be much more prepared when I leave the house now! eek!

Bama I know (college) football season is over but it never gets old when you're #1! Yea!!!

Baby where did mine go???

Bad Bad baby or bad parenting...could go either way.

I did make her get down after this and try not to let her climb up here anymore...but she was so proud. I took the picture for her self esteem! :) 

Booty Because it is so cute!!!

Beautiful Read this blog.  Your heart will break but you can't help but admire their perspective, faith, and the grace with which they have carried their enormous burden. Terry and I are blessed to call them friends.

Blessed...I am just feeling abundantly blessed today. Happy Monday!!!

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