Monday, January 2, 2012

Madeline's First Christmas

Madeline got way too much for Christmas. Terry and I are classic first time parents and just went nuts for her for Christmas. She had a lot of fun opening her gifts, but got bored a little over  halfway through so we opened the rest of her presents. And if I am being completely honest, we gave her some of her big gifts a little before in the day they came in the mail, Terry put them together and gave them to her. I had nothing to do with it. ;)

We got this cat for Madeline because she LOVES cats. We can't have a cat due to allergies  but she seemed pretty satisfied with this one. I have to admit it creeps me out a's motion sensored and just randomly meows. Weird.

Madeline really loved the bows on her presents! 

This tent is a work in progress...Madeline hasn't figured out how to go through the door so she climbs through the window every time she gets in it. The tent will temporarily collapse but then it pops back up. Makes us laugh! 

Madeline's absolute favorite present is this chair. She loves to sit in it and read! 

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