Saturday, January 28, 2012

13 Months

 My Sweet Madeline,

You are 13 months old!!!! I know it's a little strange to keep doing monthly updates to you, but you are still changing so much and I want to remember it all! You are 22lbs, wear a size 4 shoe and diaper,  and size 18 month clothes! You can still wear some 12 months but you are long - your arms and legs! You are a happy, happy girl!!! 

You can't seem them all but you have 6 teeth. 4 on top and 2 on bottom! 

You LOVE books! They are your favorite thing right now. You like other toys too but books are your favorite! You definitely get that from me! You are wearing your Bama dress in this picture, and I'm pretty certain your cute outfit helped us win the National Championship! :) 

Your love for bath time hasn't waned either. I love your hair in this picture! 

Speaking of hair...what am I supposed to do with this? It is in such a weird phase but it is so stinking cute! I love your little ponytails that stick straight up! 

You got to play in the snow for the first time this month! Although it has snowed since you were born, this time you really got to enjoy it! I'm glad I bought that hat for you to keep your head warm! ;) You are also doing your "surprise" face in this picture. 

You are SO smart. Your vocabulary is expanding every day and you amaze us with the things you can do already. I think you are too smart sometimes! Your vocabulary is almost too long to list at this point. You know a good 20 words now and use them appropriately most of the time! You are mimicking counting now and you clap when you get to three.  You also will shake your head no when we ask you a question just to make us laugh. You've been doing that for a couple of months but you just now have started really playing it up! 

You are full of facial expressions! You do surprise face, turtle face,  you hock loogies (Daddy taught you that!), and cough if someone around you is coughing! You also wave bye-bye and blow kisses now! Your personality is out of control! 

You are very helpful! You love the dishwasher and always go for the knives!

As cute as you are at this age, you have developed a little attitude. You get mad when you can't have something you want, and you especially like to pull hair. We're working on it...

I don't really have anything to say about this...

You love to dance...this is your lazy, sitting down dance. You love music and you have just recently learned how to drop it low! 

You will eat anything...olives, pickles, lemons, have tried them all and liked them. You love corn, grapes, strawberries, and cheese still tops your list! 

You love playing on the swing and get up and down by yourself. You are so much easier outside now because you don't try to eat everything now. Although, you did eat a little bit of sidewalk chalk this week. But for the most part, you are don't put things in your mouth anymore! 

You have no self esteem issues...anytime you do something, you clap for yourself and say "Yea!" I love it! 

This picture makes you seem so big. I can't believe my baby is playing with a baby stroller and baby dolls. I think you really just enjoy pushing it around and ramming it into stuff, but still it makes you seem so grown up. 

I just love this picture so I put it on here. I think it captures you perfectly. Your little personality is so fun and so sweet!

Daddy and I are enjoying this age more than any other so far. It can be tougher because you are SO busy but it is so much fun watching you grow! You are a constant source of joy, and we love you so much! 

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