Thursday, January 5, 2012


We had Madeline's first birthday party Friday night. It turned out super cute. I had been planning a ladybug theme for about 6 months and then my sister mailed Madeline the cutest birthday outfit and I changed everything. I also had some pretty cute ideas for games with the ladybug theme and think it will be much more fun next year when she may be able to do some of them. Anyway, she had a blast and we had a pretty good turnout especially considering it was the week after Christmas.

This was the sweets table...we didn't go crazy with the food but we had a fruit tray,  cookie dough dip, animal cookies, and my mom made some really cute hot pink cookies with zebra hershey kisses. We served quesadillas and chip as the main dish. I printed pictures of Madeline from months 1-12 and my mom mounted them on scrapbook paper and put them on the wall. We thought about hanging them from the fireplace mantle with ribbon but quickly decided they would most likely get ripped down...probably by Madeline! My super talented friend Haley made the birthday banner! It turned out really cute!

The cake

Zebra cookies

I was kind of at a loss as to what to do in December for a one year old's birthday party and my friend Stephanie had a great idea to buy a bunch of bouncy balls and just let them go crazy. So we did! I also threw in a couple of inflatable zebras I found online and we gave the balls out as party favors too. It worked out really well!

We sent these home as favors as with the balls. I had them made at our local bakery and they were delicious!!!

I stole this idea from pinterest and loved it. Everyone wrote down a sweet wish for Madeline. I think I'll do it every birthday!

The Birthday girl in her outfit that inspired the party! 

This should probably be first but this is Madeline "helping" decorate. She was very "helpful" on the day of her party! 

More helping!

The workers...My dad doing dishes, Terry making quesadillas, and Haley doing something...I couldn't have done her party without all of their help. My mom was probably taking this picture. 

The Guests

Not sure who is more VIP...Nana and Papaw

Or Justin Bieber!

Smash Cake 

Madeline wasn't quite sure what to think when we started singing and I handed her  a cake!

Still a little unsure

It took her a second but she eventually picked her whole cake up and hugged it! 

Clean up crew! 

Naturally, she had to have a bath after the cake! 

The Gifts

I couldn't have asked for a better day for her party. It was 75 and sunny so we were able to set up tables outside. Her party turned out great and we are so thankful to have such wonderful family and friends who love our sweet girl! 

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