Thursday, June 12, 2014

This Week....

I started working Monday...the days of orientation are necessary but they are soooo long! I have to say though, everyone is so friendly, and I am so grateful to be working! I am loving a routine, although this has been a tough week, and tonight I feel like doing this...

 Except I don't think the whole cover with my pillowcase would work out as well for me as it did for Madeline! 

Tuesday afternoon Madeline's school called me and said she had taken a pretty nasty fall. They don't ever call so I knew it must be kind of bad. Madeline tripped on the sidewalk, and a rock got stuck in her forehead. Terry and I tried to get it out at home, but I am not very effective as a nurse when it comes to Madeline. So I took her to urgent care, and she was awesome. I was really proud of her...I still can't believe she got a rock stuck in her forehead. Only my kid could do that! :)
 After we left urgent care, we stopped by Target so she could pick out a toy, and so I could get milk. I thought surely she would pick something princess, but she picked this electric guitar. She plays it on the way to school in the morning in the car, in her bed at night, and basically just all the time. At least I'm getting my money's worth! 

Last night we had some crazy weather...a tornado came through our neighborhood. So another part our fence blew down and we lost some shingles. And our appraisal was this morning so it's just been a little stressful. I guess at the end of the day we weren't hurt, and nothing we lost can't be replaced. Our neighbor lost all of his fence, another lost their chimney, and our neighborhood across the street had a basketball goal in their car. So I have tried to keep it all in perspective!

I am so glad tomorrow is FRIDAY! :)

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