Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mission Impossible...

Another house update...

Well, our house went back on the market officially on Saturday. We got an offer Sunday morning...it made us a tad late to church but you can imagine our excitement. I can't honestly believe we are back under contract so quickly, but here we are! The buyers this time around seem solid, and made us a great offer. We're supposed to close on the 27th. We are crossing our fingers, and praying that this is it! 

Anyway, since the closing is in 3 weeks, I thought I better try to find somewhere to live. Do you know how hard it is to find an apartment in San Angelo right now??? I found one available and went to look at it and it was upstairs. If you're a fan of friends, picture the episode with Ross' couch and all the pivoting upstairs but outside. I could see the marital strife that lay ahead. haha Madeline and I spent the majority of our morning driving from place to place with no luck. Thankfully, a lady at one of the apartment places gave me this book with all the places for rent in San Angelo, and I literally called every one of them. Well, all the ones where I knew we'd be relatively safe. Nothing. Nada. Zip.Then a lady called me back and said they had a downstairs apartment with a small fenced yard, and I almost cried. I probably would've have paid almost anything, but she was so nice and they have a great policy for military so we were able to hold the apartment for a nominal fee.

So there you go...I know the Lord is looking out for us in all of this. The option period (where the buyers can back out for any reason) ends Monday so hopefully all will go well with our inspection this weekend.

We did make a pit stop yesterday at the scrubs store in town, and Madeline wanted to ride the gorilla. She told me to put some money in him so he'd move but I had to explain to her that he didn't work like that. So funny how her little mind works! She was a trooper yesterday, and is so excited about her "new" house...mostly because they gave her cookies in the office and there's a big pool. 


  1. So glad this is working out! I was going to say, a pool is a REQUIREMENT!! :)