Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekend Update

We had the best weekend...it went by way too fast but they usually do! Saturday we were supposed to have bad weather all day, but it was bright and sunny so we headed to the beach. Madeline was styling' in her sunglasses! 

The yellow flag was out so the waves were bigger than normal, and these two had a blast. I can't lie, we all did. We played in the waves for a good hour or so. So fun! 

Then, these two built a sand castle. So cute. 

Right when we got there this happened. The cutest daddy/daughter moment. What you can't see is that they're eating ice cream which is why neither of them is in the water already! :) My loves! 

After we got home from the beach, we changed clothes and headed out to Bear Lake. Terry and I used to go camping there when we were teenagers! haha He wanted to take Madeline brim fishing so we headed up there. 

It is so beautiful there....

Madeline really didn't last long fishing. She was more interested in throwing pine cones in the water and trying to climb on the canoes out there. 

Most of the fish didn't really like our bait, but this one did! Madeline and I were squealing with delight which I am SURE the other people out there fishing appreciated! :) We're just not the kind of girls you take to do things that require focus and quiet! 

 After fishing we headed out to Terry's uncle's house to see his dad and hang out with the family. Madeline always talks Terry's aunt and uncle into all kinds of sweet stuff so she's always devastated when it's time to leave! 

Sunday we went to the same church we visited last week, and we liked it even better! Madeline went to children's church which was slightly traumatic to begin with but when we picked her up, she had a crown on her head and told me all about Queen Esther. I was really thankful she liked it so much. 

After church we made a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up a few things to cook. Terry's dad brought over some shrimp so we grilled those with some steaks and veggies, and it was sooooo good! His aunts and uncle came too so I had to step up my cooking game and use things like real butter and heavy cream! haha His family doesn't mess around in the kitchen so I'm always a little intimidated when we're hosting! :) It turned out fine though, and my pretty banana pudding was a big hit with Terry's dad! It was the only picture I got Sunday! 

It was one of those weekends where you're super tired Sunday night, but you think why can't every weekend be this good?! 

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  1. SOUNDS PERFECT!!! Your banana pudding looks amazing! You might have to share the recipe if it involves heavy cream!! YUM!!