Friday, April 3, 2015

This and That...

Random post on life lately...

"Ain't Nat", Terry's sister came to visit a couple of weeks ago. Madeline adores her and Natalie plays pretty much any game Madeline wants her to. They're so cute together! 

Things at work are changing for me a little. I LOVE my job so I am a little nervous about things changing. I'll be in what they call the "float pool" meaning they'll train me to work anywhere in the hospital. I'm trying to be really positive about it...but if it doesn't work out, I already found my dream job. 

My mom stayed with us for a couple of weeks and one day we drove halfway to meet my dad to drop her off. Madeline fell asleep like this for about two hours. Such a little lady! And, yes, she's holding the dog's leashes. All she talked about was taking them for a walk when we got home. 

One night while Morgan was here we had a play-doh contest and Madeline was the judge. Of course, Terry tried to show off and make a sword fish and you can bet mine was the fancy goldfish. Morgan won, and then Madeline said I won and Terry won too. Madeline's not exactly a great judge! :) 

I've seen some sad stuff this week at work so last night I got Madeline up when I got home and we read books and played on the floor with the pups. I am trying to remember how sacred these years are, and that one day she won't wear gloves to bed, and squeeze my neck with all her might and kiss me on the lips. She won't always pray for Disney characters and dance around the living room like a "real ballerina". I could eat her up with a spoon! 

Finally, it's Good Friday. The day Jesus died on the cross. If I've ever reached a point in my life, where I realize how much I need Jesus, it's now. When I can't wrap my mind around the pain in this world, Jesus meets me where I am. He loved me enough to die on the cross, and I know that thanks to His sacrifice, there will be a day when there will be no pain. Thank the Lord for a risen Savior and the Hope that really does anchor the soul! 

Happy Easter weekend!

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